August 7, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong

Nickname : Cow, Dog
Birthdate : June 6, 1986
Blood type : B
Height : 180cm
Weight : 68kg
Hobby : Swimming, Soccer, Gym workout, Basketball
Specialty : Piano, Dance, Guitar
Things that he hates : Insects, Birds
Motto : You only live once
Animal that you describe yourself as : Lion
Family members : Grandmother, Father, Mother, Elder Brother, Myself
Idol : Seo Tai Ji (Legendary Rock Singer in Korea)
Part which you are most satisfied of : Eyes
Something that you must do before sleeping : Bathing
Method for relieving stress : Traveling
Things that you bring in your bag : iPod, Contact Lenses, Wallet, Mobile Phone
Thing that you do most seriously : Work
Favorite color : Black
3 wishes :
1. Become a world-class, universal star
2. Gathering fans from all over the world and hold a free concert for them
3. After which, to live a peaceful and happy life
From: Taiwan Fans Magazine + Translated by: xiaochu@Quainte

Kim Hyun Joong Monologue


Anonymous said...

i wonder who hyunjoong's older brother is.. :O

phtriples said...

It's Kim Young Joong. See this post:

Anonymous said...

yah!! dis interview is so sad... oppa.. u rock!!

kay1291 said...

It is not a comment. Just want to say

You should call your mum. Only woman who love you the most.
Happy Birthday & Be strong... Kê. I will pray for u to be happy and
success in every things u do.


annya67669 said...

i love his voice its just wonderful and he gets every note right !! im a singer my self

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