August 7, 2009

Park Jung Min

Nickname : Sexy Charisma, Horse
Birthdate : April 3, 1987
Blood type : O
Height : 181cm
Weight : 67kg
Hobby : Writing Lyrics, Collecting Things, Taking a Walk
Specialty : Tap dance, Rock climbing
Animal that you describe yourself as : Unicorn
Motto : Live with a thankfulness mind
Family members : Father, Mother, Elder brother, Sister-in-law, Sister, Nephew, me
Idol : None
Part which you are most satisfied of : Teeth
Habit that you would like to change : Hope to cure sweaty palm
Things that you bring in your bag : Brought all necessity to be brought
Thing that you do most seriously : Considering to compose seriously
3 wishes :
1. SS501 to become artiste known by people all over the world
2. Eternal life living forever
3. Quickly able to see Taiwan fans
From: Taiwan FANS Magazine + Translated by xiaochu@Quainte

Park Jung Min Monologue


wcopppernickle said...

I love the part in the video where he says that next time he will try to be a more attractive guy. I don't think that's possible.

Thank you for posting.

SS501 fighting!

hanis said...


seohyun23 said...

annyong hasimida SS501 oppa

Anonymous said...

He's so sweet and full of love for music!!! He's got a great and distictive voice and the looks to add to that!!!

Well i'd like to help keep the music bizz and of course these handsome and good singers, but the albums of SS501 aren't for sale here in Holland :( so can anyone tell me how to get them?

And if any of the hotties of SS501 see this themselves..... PLEASE COME TO HOLLAND FOR A CONCERT!!!!! or just a visit :)

#1_in-your-heart_ said...

ILY Jungmin oppa <3

Anonymous said...


Plz come to Philippines......we love to see u to
sing and dance jung min......

I love you SS501.....specially you jung min...

Anonymous said...

I Love You very much........SS501

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