October 3, 2009

SS501 Music Videos

SS501 Music Videos! Have you guys noticed that there are only very few SS501 MV's? Our boys have so many songs but they've only made very few official MV's! I wish they had official MV's for songs like My Girl, Wings Of The World, and Stand By Me. There are a lot of fanmade MV's but no official MV! I would have loved to see more MV's from the guys. Anyway, here's a list of their official MV's with YouTube links. Thanks to all the uploaders! You know who you are!

SS501 Music Videos:

A Song Calling For You
A Song Calling For You (Funny Version)
Coward (Version 1 | Version 2)
DeJa Vu
Distance (Version 1 | Version 2)
Let Me Be The One
Love Like This
Love Ya
Lucky Days
Never Again
Snow Prince
U R Man
You Are My Heaven

SS501 Solo Collection Drama MV - Episode 1
SS501 Solo Collection Drama MV Episode 2 - Parts 1 | 2 | 3

(That Man's Book Page 198 O.S.T.)
Making A Lover
(Boys Over Flowers O.S.T.)
Because I'm Stupid
(Boys Over Flowers O.S.T.)
If We Are Together
(Strongest Chil-woo O.S.T.)
Love That Cannot Be Erased
(A Surgeon Bong Dal Hee O.S.T.)
(Haptic Mission Season 2 MV)
Holding Your Hand
(Various Artists - SS501, SNSD, Super Junior, Brown Eyed Girls, Jewelry, T.G.U.S)


I Erase Tears
(Heo Young Saeng - Friend, Our Legend OST)
Mars Men, Venus Women
(Kim Hyung Jun feat. MiSo)

Not Alone
(Park Jung Min)
(Kim Hyung Jun)
Oh! Ah!
(Kim Hyung Jun)

Featured Appearances:

She Laughed
(2Shai feat. Kim Hyun Joong & Kim Kyu Jong)
Black Glasses
(Eru feat. Kim Hyun Joong)
A Woman Is Like That
(KimDonghee feat. Kim Kyu Jong)
Jun Be O.K
(Kim Joon feat. Kim Hyun Joong)
(Oak Joo Hyun feat. Kim Hyung Jun)
Mission No. 4
(Son Dam Bi, Kim Jun, and Kim Hyun Joong)
As A Man
(GUMMY feat. Kim Hyun Joong)
(Kan Mi Youn feat. Kim Hyung Jun)

If you guys have links to other official SS501 MV's please give me a shout so I could update this list. Thanks!

Credits: DSP + various YouTube uploaders + triplesphilippines.blogspot.com



Anonymous said...

hemmm add some videos:
[MV] Various artists - Holding your hand {eng subbed}

there are everything and never again official mv too.. ^^


coward and distance have 2 version
coward version 2

distance dance version

hem and hyung joon baby featuring in Oak Joo Hyun - "Catch" MV

and hyung joong baby solo has been made to mv

nice to meet u.. i love your compilation in yor blog.. thx so much... ^^

-mwu- ^^

phtriples said...

thank you mwu for the links! phew! missed out a lot, haven't i? glad you supplied these links. i'll put them up now! :)

although i doubt if the videos for "Never Again" and "Everything" are official. They're beautifully made, but aren't they made by fans? They sort of look like compilations of vids and pics made by triple s fans with just the song as the background. Are we absolutely sure that they are official, I mean made and released by DSP? :)

thanks again!

Anonymous said...

hem no that is not fanmade.. that is made and released by DSP ^^.. never again and everything is official... ^^ in their official discography they put that.. ^^
yeah the format is err like that like fanmade or cheap mv not like the real mv ^^.. but that is official... they made that mv like that for promote the boys personal when they debuted.. just like 2PM i hate you mv .. if u know.. ^^

ahhh i forgot something too..
if u include Gaze (That Man's Book Page 198 OST)
If We Are Together (Strongest Chil-woo OST)
I Erase Tears (Heo Young Saeng - Friend, Our Legend OST)
(Haptic Mission Season 2 MV)..

so forgot to add
- ost featuring in surgeon Bong Dal Hee drama
i loooveee this song.. just like FIND type.. ^^

- and making a lover official mv ( just contain BOF BTS)...

- and haptic mission 4 mv.. because hyun joong featuring in that song too.. ^^

-mwu- ^^

phtriples said...

All posted!!! Thanks again MWU! :)

Anonymous said...

you are welcome.. ^^
thx so much for compile this...
i will direct whoever want to know the complete SS501's videos to this page.. ^^

-mwu- ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi! I dont know why but lately ive having difficulty posting a comment under livejournal...anyway you might want to add the because im stupid official mv:

and heres one with eng subs:


phtriples said...

Because I'm Stupid MV posted! thanks jafed23!!! :)

mokona said...

this may not count as a music vid by the boys, but it a live performance of 4 chance by them. (is there a MV for 4 chance by any chance? O_o) sorry if its quite old...
4 chance performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToBNJonEiAg

And here's the performance of radio star in one of their concerts : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbkOXx9D2Bo
(is there a mv for radio star? cos i couldn't find it and i also couldn't find the lyrics and english translation for it.. T^T)
hope this helps. ^^

phtriples said...

@mokona: there'a an MV for 4chance. it's first on the list ^_^

for radio star, i don't think there's an MV for that. for this post, i only post MV's here... but thanks for sharing though! :) *hugs*

Anonymous said...

let's help SS501 into myx hit chart... key in:
MYX VOTE Love Like This-SS501
then send to 2366

chi said...

i click on LLT link but it's already erased. why don't you put the links from DSPentert YT channel? All videos in HD. ^^

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