Episode 1 of Hyung Jun's show 'Progamer' is up in YouTube with English subs! I've been waiting for this! You know me, I'd much rather wait for the subs before watching. :) I've only played StarCraft a couple of times in my life, it's not my favorite online game. But for those who love StarCraft, you'll enjoy this show. Thanks to Team Liquid for subbing! You can also download the subbed video at their website. I'll update this post once other episodes are subbed. Enjoy!

Video Uploader: nevake@YouTube

P.S. Okay, I'm done watching, and I really enjoyed this episode! Especially, the 2nd half of the show. The first part, well, I didn't really enjoy much since I'm not that interested in Starcraft, but since Baby was playing, that in itself is interesting. Especially the moments when he was so embarrassed for not playing well, and trying to get the coach to accept him. He looks so cute with his expressions! I felt bad because the other pro-gamers were too harsh, judging Baby, but he wasn't even fazed. He was determined to get in! I really really enjoyed the show. Maknae bribing Shark, letting him meet Rainbow in exchange for another chance with the coach, that's so like Baby! Hahaha! Had quite a few laughs. Can't wait for the next subbed episode! :) I wish SS501 members would have a chance to do more reality shows like this in the future. And I hope they'd get to star in one that features all 5 of them!

Episode 2: Here's the 2nd subbed episode of Progamer! Wow, Team Liquid is fast with the subbing! Enjoy watching! Thanks to nevake@YouTube for uploading all episodes in YT!

Video Uploader: nevake@YouTube

Episode 3: Here's the 3rd subbed episode of Progamer. Again, thanks to Team Liquid for subbing this show for us.

Episode 4: Here's the 4th subbed episode of Progamer. I'm off to watch!

Episode 5: Finally! I've been waiting for the subs of this episode. It's the episode where Hyung Jun's brother Ki Bum visited the set. Another hour of laughter and dorkiness! Love Baby!

Episode 6: Episode 6 with English subs is out! I find myself looking forward to every episode of this show...

Episode 7: Here's another subbed episode of our ever so cute Maknae! This is Shark's birthday episode. I watched the unsubbed clip of this for, like, a couple of minutes, and then I turned it off. LOL. So now I'm going to finish it all the way! Thanks Team Liquid for subbing! And for nevake for uploading the full episode in YouTube!

Episode 8: Yippee! Episode 8 is out with English subs! Huge thanks to Team Liquid and nevake for their efforts. Can't thank you guys enough. It's such a joy to be able to watch and understand this show. Big hugs!

Episode 9: After a few weeks of waiting Episode 9 is finally out! After this, one more episode to go!

Episode 10: Finally! The final episode has been subbed! This is a tearjerking episode. I really cried because I could feel Hyung Jun's sadness and gratefulness at the same time. It's been a great show and he has bonded with the other players already in his short stay there. Goodbye is always the hardest part. But then this really isn't goodbye, right? I'm sure he will still visit his newfound friends from time to time. :)


Anonymous said...

wow thanks for sharing these great videos,, baby joon is my favorite in SS501, he's so hilarious here!! haha thanks again! :)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha... funny hyung jun. i wish i could play starcraft with him. ;)

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