Young Saeng was seen again today at Seoul Fashion Week. And this time, he's not with Kyu, he's with Mal! They attended Kwak Hyun Joo's show as guests. Look at both of them, they look like they're the ones who will model down the runway! Sooo stylish. Saengie is living up to his nickname "Professor Heo" with those eyeglasses. Only SS501 can wear these clothes and get away with it. They really look good in anything they wear.
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akee said...

I srsly love seeing these two together! <3 They ABSOLUTELY made my day. XD

I want to pinch young saeng's chubby cheeks!!<33 hahahaha

Cynthia!! said...

young saeng and jung min just looked so i wish i can see them everyday..LOL

mokona said...

professor heo!!! MALL!! together is just heavenly!!!

muzik4lyf said...

they both look hot!!

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