August 7, 2009

Kim Hyung Jun

Nickname : Baby, Maknae/Magnae, Turtle
Birthdate : August 3, 1987
Blood type : O
Height : 181cm
Weight : 66kg
Hobby : Listening to music, Online gaming, Working out
Specialty : Writing lyrics, composing, singing, dancing, swimming, golf, horse-riding
Favorite animal : Rabbit, Puppy
Motto : Don’t be comfortable with current, work hard to advance further!
Family members : Father, Mother, Younger brother, Myself
Idol : Justin Timberlake
Part which you are most satisfied of : Waist, Lips
Method for relieving stress : Sing to heart’s content, Going to beach, Going for a drive
Things that you bring in your bag : iPod, Album, Training outfit
Thing that you do most seriously : Taking care of family members, singing, dancing
3 wishes :
1. Hope that SS501 can have successful activities in Taiwan and all of Asia in 2009.
2. New album be well-liked by everyone.
3. Everyone be healthy.
From: Taiwan FANS Magazine + Translated by: xiaochu@Quainte

Kim Hyung Jun Monologue


Anonymous said...

i really love your blog and i'm one of ss501 fanatic fans..can u tell me where to download these monologue videos coz i want to keep them as my collection..and one more thing, i am a Malaysian fan, and i want to add u in facebook..can i? ^^

Anonymous said...

i really like ss501
in my heart they are no. 1
they are like presents that twirls and twist
if yuo listen to them
you will feel yuor in heaven
like angles in the sky
that flies so high

Anonymous said...

i really love hjb...

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