October 12, 2009

Blogging Etiquette

I've read some complaints from other bloggers that people have been stealing content from their sites and not crediting them at all. Some would even go far as to claim the content as their own, and copying the original blogger's commentaries word for word and posting them in their own blog. I've also experienced this, I saw one blogger repost my Heo Young Saeng Zodiac Profile in their site word for word, including my comments, when I specifically stated in my post that it was not to be REPOSTED anywhere. Also, another blogger took out my post and deleted my blog name in the credits. Do you think that's fair? This isn't being selfish at all. We believe that SHARING IS LOVING. But we also believe that BEING RESPECTFUL is even more important. I'm speaking in behalf of those bloggers who have experienced this and are silently fuming because all their hard work is not being respected by other "bloggers".

I came up with these blogging rules, which every blogger would do well to follow. These are common courtesies, if you may. Let's all be responsible Netizens, alright? We Triple S fans should be courteous and respectful and kind! For all those bloggers who have nice etiquette, give yourselves a pat on the back. :)


Rule # 1: Give credit where credit is due. If you're going to use content from another blog, or if you're going to repost something, please include FULL CREDITS. Most blogs include a credit line which includes the original poster, translator, source, etc. These people are spending their time and efforts, so it's just common courtesy to give them the credit that they deserve. And please do not EDIT. If you want to do some edits, always ask for permission first. Let's be respectful!

Rule # 2: Don’t steal bandwidth.
Meaning, NO HOTLINKING! If you find an image or picture that you like in a blog and you want to use it or repost it, save it into your own image hosting site (Photobucket, Imageshack, TinyPic, etc). Or save it into your PC and upload to your blog. Do not just copy pictures and paste directly into your post! It’s rude to copy the image source and link it directly to your own blog.

Rule # 3: Don’t steal other people’s personal commentaries. There are certain articles that are okay to repost, like news clippings, pictures, facts and data, etc. provided you include full credits. But the blog owner's personal commentaries should not be copied! You can differentiate which ones because commentaries usually start with "I's" and usually separated from the rest of the post with lines/dividers. These are the blog owner's personal opinions and feelings. If you're going to repost news or data, do not include the commentaries of the blog owner where you got the content from. Compose your own comments! And please do respect the OWNER if they specifically point out that a certain article or video CANNOT be reposted anywhere. It is their own prerogative, and always give credit if you are allowed to repost!

Rule # 4: Comments. If you read someone’s blog and enjoy it, it’s good etiquette to let them know. Leave comments on posts that you like, if possible, say thank you, and avoid signing ANONYMOUS on the name field. This is poor etiquette. Also, please post comments that are related to the entry. If you must post a hello to the blog owner, or you have any suggestions, it's better to email them, so there's privacy.

Rule # 5: Courtesy. If you're mentioning a name in your post, like for instance if you're referring to another blogger or you want to mention a "friend" in your post, it is courteous to add a hyperlink behind their name or the name of their blog. You can include a link to the front page of their blog, or to a certain blog post as related to your topic.

Rule # 6: Strive to be original! Be creative. Just because you get news clippings from other sites, doesn't mean you can't spice things up by adding your personal unique flair to it. :)

Credit: http://triplesphilippines.blogspot.com


Cris Alisasis said...

Respect, People... Please respect.

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