As promised, here's the second installment of my SS501 Zodiac Profile Series... and this time, SS501's prince, Heo Young Saeng is in focus. We have all noticed how Young Saeng is the quietest one of all, and the most reserved of them all, right? Is it just because he's so concerned of his image? Or is there something more to it? Read on to understand more of the Scorpio personality... (Note: The texts in blue are my comments, do not copy!)

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Born: November 3, 1986

Western Zodiac:

Element: Water
Quality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Pluto
Lucky Colors: Dark Red or Maroon

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac, signified by The Scorpion. The key phrase for this sign is “I Transform”. Scorpio can turn negative situations around and thrives on a challenge. When determined and focused this energy has the power to succeed.

These folks are intense, passionate and filled with desire. This intense nature is inclined to feel the blues. Their relationships are a series of extremes, they can even be downright moody for no apparent reason. And personal storms are an important part of the Scorpio legacy. But difficult times enable a deep understanding of life and love, that's why most Scorpios are like gurus and experts in life and love, having experienced a lot themselves. (Young Saeng is called "Professor Heo" by the other SS501 members because he knows a lot about love and life and he always gives them insights and advice.)

The Scorpio often goes into psychological territory that others fear to tread, and emerges both wiser and transformed. They’re the deep-sea divers of the Zodiac, experiencing every situation on many levels, much of it in the unconscious realms. Many Scorpios are drawn to the mysterious and otherworldly, since so much of their nature lies hidden in subterranean waters.

Secretive and Mysterious

Scorpios are often mysterious people because their true feelings run so deep and they keep their emotions hidden (this is probably the best description of Young Saeng. He's so mysterious, you can't help but wonder what's going on inside that mind of his. He admits he doesn't know how to express his feelings in words.) They also like to uncover things under the surface of others and are very intuitive. Scorpios like to be alone, with their thoughts, as much as they like to share others' company. They are enigmatic and truly mysterious. Scorpios like to explore the profound in life and have little interest in small talk. They’re also complex and secretive, so don’t expect to get much out of them, lest they become suspicious and exit stage left. (I couldn't agree more. I'm a Scorpio myself and almost all Scorpios I know are secretive to some extent. Even more than the other signs. I don't know if this is true with YS, but I bet it is.) It’s best not to bet against Scorpios, either, since these folks are surprisingly resourceful.

They have that famous sting in their tail, but they are also a healer. Spending time with a Scorpio is rewarding. They may not always show their friends and lovers the 'sunny' side of life, but with their ability to handle extremes and their capacity to feel profoundly, they teach the rest of us a little more about what it means to be human - dark side and all.

Quiet and Reserved

Scorpio is a reserved but abundantly blessed Sun sign with tremendous energy, commitment and resolve (if you watch SS501 shows, you will see that Young Saeng is always the one who's a little reserved compared to the rest of the members.) Mental, emotional and physical excess needs to be channeled constructively, as the capacity for disaster is quite high. And a wrong turn can send this Sun sign into quick decline. But with transformation as the main drive of Scorpio. It is inevitable that The Scorpion comes back for more, like the proverbial Phoenix rising from the ashes.

These people don't talk much (this is pretty much obvious with Young Saeng. Triple S fans know he's the least talkative of all the members of SS501. In interviews, he rarely pipes up, unless directly asked. And he also said in an interview that he gets nervous when he has to talk.) There’s a simmering depth to those born with the Sun in Scorpio that can be intimidating. Often you just know they’re intuitively taking in everything around them and revealing very little. And don’t expect instant friendship here, as it takes time to win the trust of the wary Scorpio.

Magnetic and Seductive

One of the first things that you notice about Scorpios are their eyes; they often have penetrating, piercing eyes and a powerful gaze (I absolutely agree!), totally hypnotic. Their personalities are seductive. (I absolutely agree again!) In fact, many people find it very difficult to stand steady under a Scorpio's constant gaze. His eyes seem to be penetrating your soul, knowing your deepest secrets and desires. The truth is, more often than not, they are.

There's a hard-to-pin-down, magnetic quality which surrounds the Scorpion, an aura which says "try me, if you dare!" People tend to find them interesting because they reveal little but are usually very deep. They are slow to trust new people, and it takes a long time for them to reveal just a few of their secrets. They seem fun to be with socially, but some seem self-involved and withdrawn.

Emotional and Willful

Scorpios are known for their intensity. Their tenacity and willpower are immense, their depth of character and passionate conviction overwhelming, yet they are deeply sensitive and easily moved by their emotions (I've seen this side of Young Saeng. He's easily moved to tears. Remember during their first debut performance, he was the one who cried first. And also he loves watching dramas. Apparently, he's a very emotional being.) Their sensitivity, together with a propensity for extreme likes and dislikes make them easily hurt, quick to detect insult or injury to themselves (often when none is intended) and easily aroused to ferocious anger. They take almost every comment to heart, and when hurt, they are prone to becoming depressed, but not for long.

Strength in the Face of Adversity

Although sensitive, Scorpios can tolerate a lot of hardship and they can manage under the worst of conditions. These folks have tremendous regenerative powers, much like the literal Scorpion can lose its tail and promptly grow a new one. They are good at overcoming obstacles and turning change and challenge to their advantage, which is useful because Scorpios tend to attract sudden changes and endure more than their fair share of hardship. They are extremely persistent, and will go after what they want with a fierce determination that is often rewarded. They are survivors, and adversity only makes them stronger.

Scorpios have a fear of failure which they keep hidden extremely well (Young Saeng once admitted he hates losing in games), should their confrontation not be successful, or their career fail, they will simply use their adaptive skill to quickly move and and leave the bad experience behind.

Health and Sexuality

Scorpio rules the reproductive system and genital organs. Being the sex god of the zodiac, Scorpions smolder with every come-hither look, alluring wink of an eye and mysterious stare (When Young Saeng switches to that penetrating, seductive stare... wow! He's smoldering hot! Especially when he bites that lower lip of his. *faints*) If you want to ride a tiger to an emotional and sexual crescendo, jump on the curvy back of the sleek Scorpion. But sex is certainly not the sole motivation of Scorpios. Scorpios are actually quite straight-laced, cautious, and old-fashioned about commitment.

Scorpio in Love

The Scorpion is as clever in love as in life: Much of what's going on is a tactical game, one they are more than likely to win. Scorpios can be very sexy when in love, and that says a lot about members of this already sexy sign. When in love, the Scorpion can be intensely passionate, a rush of fluid feelings in keeping with this Water-born sign. Often, though, there is a push-pull in the dance of love, thanks to the Scorpion's many motivations. A lover who is willing to discover what's really beneath the surface will serve both the Scorpion and themselves very well.

What Scorpio Needs

A challenge is something that makes the Scorpion swoon: The prospect of someone who can test them and who can make the game fast and fun is almost irresistible. Scorpio, of course, wants nothing but the best, so winners only need apply. Scorpions are also eager to find a strong, understanding and perceptive partner, someone who embraces the many facets of this volcanic lover. What else? Someone who won't judge them, who possesses raw personal power themselves, who keeps the game interesting, who has a red-hot sex drive and who knows how to talk when it's important to the relationship. Not much to ask, eh? (Ladies, are you willing to take on this challenge?!)

The Scorpio lover is determined, forceful, has great passion and strength and finishes what they start. This is a powerful and sexual being who isn't for the faint-hearted. Those with guts are bound for glory!


Chinese Zodiac:
"The Tiger"

Young Saeng's Chinese Zodiac sign is also the same as Hyun Joong's. They're both Fire tigers. Let me just add a few more additional snippets about Tigers.

The Tiger Personality

The adventurous and courageous Tiger is a born leader (when the SS501 unit was formed, and Hyun Joong had to stop SS501 activities to film Boys Over Flowers, Young Saeng became the leader and he was good at it too. It's obviously in his nature.) They are not afraid to blaze new trails and their firm determination makes them fierce competitors.

Their passion also gives them the potential to be a star performer (who can argue with this fact?) Colorful and dynamic, tigers have a commanding presence before any group. Yes, we can count on them to command our attention and generate excitement (true, true!)

The downside of the Tiger’s passion is that it can lead to emotional distress, especially when frustrated by people or events (Jung Min said in an interview that YS is prone to this). They have a tendency to be anxious and edgy. This uneasiness of mind could come from brooding fear about some contingency or simply a feeling of being tense or on edge. Their high energy level fueled by passion often makes them impatient. They want to do things right away and can become deeply frustrated with unplanned delays. Their rashness sometimes manifests itself as impulsive behavior. There is a bit of the “fools rush in” mentality in them.


Actually, it's kind of hard to determine if what's written here holds true for Young Saeng, since there's just so much I don't know about him! According to Kyu Jong and Jung Min, what he shows in front of the camera is not exactly the same person off-cam. So, only those close to our prince will know if the above zodiac information accurately matches Young Saeng's personality. What do you think?

Snippets of text taken from various sources in the Internet. Sorry I can't keep track of all the urls! But thanks to my sources!


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All you have written are all true characteristics of Scorpio - tiger personality, because i am also one of them. I read all. Thanks for the post.I really appreciated it.

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