August 7, 2009

Kim Kyu Jong

Nickname : Praying mantis, Gorilla, Prince
Birthdate : February 24, 1987
Blood type : A
Height : 181cm
Weight : 65kg
Hobby : Listening to music, Reading, Basketball
Specialty : Magic
Something you fear most : Fear of heights, fear of taking plane
Motto : Challenge with no regrets!
Family members : Father, Mother, Younger sister, Myself
Idol : Rain
Part which you are most satisfied of : Left hand
Something that you must do before sleeping : Brush teeth
Method for relieving stress : Traveling alone
Things that you bring in your bag : Disposable contact lenses
Thing that you do most seriously : Recording, Learning dance
Favorite color : Used to be yellow, like blue these days
3 wishes :
1. Hope that SS501 can expand to all of Asia
2. Music industry in Korea to restore to its good old times
3. Making a movie
From: Taiwan Fans Magazine

Kim Kyu Jong Monologue


Anonymous said...

oh,such a him. . .

#1_in-your-heart_ said...

CUTIE u soo adorable =)

Anonymous said...

I almost wanna cry when kyu joong said he shed tears when he did the laundry :((( It was so touching
And more, I wonder how he would feel when he heard the company wanted to replace him Gosh!!! So lucky, they didn't do it
Our kyu Joong oppa had really difficult time and he never gives up so now he deserves what he wants..
SS501 fighting!!!!!!! Love ya forever!!

Anonymous said...

Love Kyu Jong

lianasha07 said...

happy b'day...kyu jong oppa...........
hope you always healthy, always succes n GBU
we love you....... we always wait you to come to indonesia

Anonymous said...

Kyu Jong you are the best and have a heart of gold. Even thougth I all of SS501, you've always been my favorite.

Always be well and know you're bless

laraloi said...

KYU!..more power to you..God Bless you more..
amongst ss501 members,You're my no.1..

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