A few rules for Linking to Triple S Philippines Blog:

  • Your blog/site/forum must be active and regularly updated.
  • Your affiliate button should be 88x31 in size. (You'll know the size when you right-click on your image and click Properties.) If your affiliate button is larger than 88x31, please resize it then submit.
  • Your site should be SS501-related or KPOP related. Personal sites are not allowed.
  • Do not delete link. I will regularly be checking up on my affiliates. If I've seen that you've deleted my link on your site, I will also delete yours from my site.
  • LINK MY BUTTON FIRST (see below for the code), then when you're done, copy the affiliate form below and paste it in the comment box (or email me here). Supply your answers to the following and I will contact you via email once you're approved. Hope you'll apply!
Name of Site/Forum/Blog:
Website URL:
Artist that your blog/site supports:
Banner/button Image URL (88x31):
Email Address:

LINK TO HOMEPAGE: http://triplesphilippines.blogspot.com
BUTTON URL: http://i37.tinypic.com/2j0xiix.jpg

<a href="http://triplesphilippines.blogspot.com/" target="_blank" >
<img src="http://i37.tinypic.com/2j0xiix.jpg" alt="Triple S Philippines Blog" ></a>


ss501 forever fans said...

Name of Site/Forum/Blog:-
SS501 Forever Fans
Website URL:-
Artist that your blog/site supports:-
Banner/button Image URL (88x31):

Email Address:gellie_love0501@yahoo.com

phtriples said...

ss501foreverfans, Done! :)

Anonymous said...

Name of Site/Forum/Blog: Park Jung Min International Fans Club
Website URL: http://www.park-jung-min.com
Artist that your blog/site supports: Park Jung Min
Banner/button Image URL (88x31): http://i1033.photobucket.com/albums/a412/pjmintl/link.gif
Email Address: cs@park-jung-min.com

RT SS501 said...

Name of Site/Forum/Blog:RT SS501
Website URL:http://rtss501.blogspot.com/
Artist that your blog/site supports: ss501
Banner/button Image URL (88x31): http://img1.tinypic.info/files/wgagy391krs9za9elnaa.gif
Email Address: rtss501@gmail.com

we are TRIPLE S from INDONESIA!!!!

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