August 31, 2009

Naughty Kim Hyun Joong

During the fanmeeting in Beijing, Leader Kim Hyun Joong was sporting a necklace spelling the word "naughty". And naturally, Triple S fans noticed it (we notice practically every detail when it comes to SS501, LOL). I think the necklace really suits Leader, don't you think? Look at these pictures of him, and tell me if he doesn't strike you as NAUGHTY.

I just love the tongue, don't you?!

The term "naughty" can have many connotations, and it can mean a variety of things to different people, so I'll just leave it to your imagination how you would define the term. Haha.

Here's the necklace worn by Hyun Joong... it's actually a Swarovski item. It's a pretty cool necklace, I wouldn't mind having one myself. LOL. Check out the Swarovski site where you can buy the Heroine Naughty Necklace, along with Hyun Joong's Holly Starfish Pierced Earrings that he also wore in Beijing.

Oh, and before I forget... here are a couple of pictures showing Leader's 4Dness in Beijing. Remember in Taipei press conference before, he dismantled the microphone, saying he wanted to know whether it's the same as the mic in Korea, now he's doing it again! Oh, Hyun Joong... LOL. Gotta love the way he thinks...

*Credits as labeled in pictures.*


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