The SS501 fanmeet in Beijing was a success (no surprises there!). We all know that whenever SS501 have a concert or fanmeet, it will always be successful. Here's a piece of article (see credits) and a few pictures from their Beijing fanmeet. Congrats SS501!


Korean popular boyband SS501 Bejing Fan Meeting has successfully ended. This is their first fan meeting (the article says concert but that's obviously wrong), taking their first step to conquering the China market. They will be holding their China concert in Jan next yearm ad so this is a platform for them to test their popularity.

The group arrived on 29 at 940 am, and had rehearsals in the afternoon. The concert was from 7 to 830pm (hmm that seems quite short).

The group put on exciting dance performances, and made the expectant fans 'high'. There were two segments of talking during the DM, and through these, the fans got to understand the group more. The group also talked about their future plans in China.

During the chatting session, the members disclosed one another's ideal gal type. First, Kyu said that JM's ideal gal is one who has short hair and wears black tee. JM (funny as usual) started looking for short-haired gals in the audience, and the lively and naughty JM suddenly ran to the translator and hugged her, becuase the interpretator was short-haired and wearing a black tee (sleep.gif!!)

Leader's ideal type of gal is one who wears a white dress and would be a good wife and mother (贤妻良母)

Leader said that YS's ideal gal is one who is shorter and cute.

Baby's ideal gal is one who has a good figure and wear mini skirts.

Translation Credits: finkle88 @ soompi
Article Source :

Picture Credits: as labeled in pics, baidu china, ss601


marge0256 said...

very fun SS501, as always. :) And I love leader's shoes!

Grayce said...

leader wore a necklace that reads "NAUGHTY"... i love KHJ smile... SS501 fighting!!!

phtriples said...

wow! grayce you're pretty observant. i didn't notice leader's "naughty" necklace at first...

@marge, i agree. ss501 = fun. lol. ss501 fighting!

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