August 8, 2009

SS501 English Covers

I love it when the guys of SS501 sing English songs. I think they should do it more often. They have such beautiful voices. Compared to the other members, Young Saeng and Baby are the ones who sing English songs the most. I have yet to hear Kyu Jong and Jung Min sing a solo of an English song. At least Leader sang his version of Creep. I would love to hear them record or even just sing more English covers in their concerts or shows. Or maybe even create an English album for all their international fans. That would be so great! For now, to tide us over, I've compiled a playlist for all the times I've seen SS501 sing English songs... in case I missed anything, and you know of an English song that they sung that isn't included in here, give me a shout!


officially.selena said...

you might want to add this to your list :)
Young Saeng -Fly me to the moon:
Young Saeng - My Baby You

and a clip of him singing in english, i dont know if you still want to add this.
Young Saeng - One last cry

phtriples said...

hi selena! thanks for the video links. i'll add them up! :)

Anonymous said...

omg i neva knew they sang eng songs... i'm such a sucky fan... :( anyway.. tnx alot!!! ^^


LyN said...

hehe..saw this playlist just now..although i got to watch the other videos already but putting it in a playlist like this is just awesome!! hehe..thank you!! actually, i played it 3 times already..and i got to favorite would be baby's reason for breathing and young saeng's my baby you!!.. i agree..they should make an english album!! hehe..

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