"Fame will fade... but brotherhood is forever..." I couldn't agree more. I've seen SS501 in their many shows and performances, and their bond is really amazing. They're really BROTHERS, in the deepest sense of the word. Although not blood related, they get along so well with each other and they love each other so much, it's inspiring.



Four years. From their first debut in June 8, 2005 to this day, when they're currently doing their 1st Asia tour, SS501 really has gone a long way. They've certainly grown, and like any other music group, they've been through ups and downs, but still they stand together as one.

"Their road to fame was a hard one... but they walked the long journey... TOGETHER."

I love this video uploaded by vivyyum on YouTube. It's a wonderful tribute to the friendship and bond of SS501. This video almost made me cry, it's so touching and beautifully put together. Triple S fans will love it. Thanks to the uploader. Great work!

Kim Kyu Jong - He supports his hyungs (older brothers) and watches over his dongsaengs (younger brothers).

"I struggled in the group, but the members told me I could do it. They held me here."

Kim Hyung Jun - He's often the victim of his hyung' jokes but he knows he's their precious baby brother.

"Even though we splitted up to do work, we've never really separated."

Heo Young Saeng - He silently cares for his hyungs and donsaengs even though he doesn't always show it.

"We will always be forever as one."

Park Jung Min - He provides laugter and entertainment as well as love and unity.

"My favorite word is SS501... it is the biggest stronghold of my life."

Kim Hyun Joong - He protects his dongsaengs and leads them against all odds.

"I will walk to the end with my SS501 members..."

Triple S will always be right here to support you... forever.

Credits: vivyyum @ YouTube + triplesphilippines.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

Hello, this is really funny, but I stumbled upon your blog on a forum and couldn't believe it when you actually used my quotes and video on your page to show their brothership.

Great job with the blog and thanks for the acknowledgements.

SS501 fighting!

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