I know this piece of news is a little outdated, but I had to post it here so people who are thinking that SS501's Jung Min is gay, can stop with the speculations already.

SS501 member Park Jung Min in recent MBC Golden Fishery show (aired May 6) shared his story of the old rumors in Japan saying he’s a gay and liking SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong to the viewer.

Park Jung Min, "When we’re in Japan there’s a rumor of me liking our leader Hyun Joong. All the member is really like to tease each other. That is including Hyunjoong-ee hyung. He likes to put us on a prank too. He was one day wrote a letter saying “I like U” and put my name on it n put it into his bag and then he took it out n continued the joke saying that the letter was given by me and said that I was also giving him a belt as a gift. But that was just a joke.And that is the trigger to the rumor. It was totally a joke, yet, it lead into the GAY rumor instead."

Park Jung Min, "And as any other man of course I want to meet the perfect woman and get married too someday".


So there you go. *smirks*

credits : nate + imuyachan @ wordpress


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