August 8, 2009

SS501 With Their Moms

One of the best things about SS501 is that they love their families a lot. They've always been vocal about how important their families are to them. I saw this pic of them with their moms and I can't help but feel warm inside. It's so sweet to see these guys with their moms. In one of their concerts, Kyu's mom read him a letter and Kyu really broke down and cried. Even the other SS501 members cried when they saw the faces of their families in the audience. The letter is so moving, I even felt my own eyes tear up a bit when I watched the video from YouTube. Anyway, here's the letter...


Jewel of my heart, loving son Kyu Jong

It feels like yesterday when you cried out so loud when you were born that your grandmother said "Our grandson has such powerful voice, he can be a singer in future~" and she was happy. When i see you already growing up and finding your right path, i am really proud and thankful.

You wrote on top of your desk "Your dream will come true if you have one. I am happy that i have a dream. If you keep the dream and you work hard, it will come true." When i see this, i felt happy but i also felt bad that i couldn't help you to make your dream come true.

When you were little, mom and dad had to work at night and came back at morning. When you were only 8, when needed your mom's warm hands.. You had to prepare dinner with the tiny hands of yours and take care of your young sister/brother

My heart felt like tearing when i saw you woken up by nightmares

My son Kyu Jong,

I always think of you when it rains. I remember when you used to go outside with an umbrella to practice singing in the rain by yourself, for your dream

Unknowingly, you made yours dreams bigger

But i didn't even send you to a piano lesson, I just forced you to study. Now I feel bad.

Last summer you went Seoul alone and when i saw that even you have to continue practicing and doing all the housework, you still have the passion for your dream.

I was proud but felt bad at the same time. I couldn't take care of you are young and even now because my work, but you have never let me down, you have choosen the right path.

You have a warm heart that able you to care for the others, you have the passion for your work. You worked hard to make everything perfect for your dream to come true.

I'm so proud of you when i see you making your dreams come true one by one without even showing that you are tired at such a young age.

Also, the loving sons i earn with my heart... Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Jung Min, Hyung Joon~
Don't forget that you still have your parents and your fans supporting you. I hope that you all would work hard and be the best.

I love you~


After the letter was read, at Leader Hyun Joong's command, all five went down on the floor on their knees and made respectful bows to their families... it was sooo touching!

Credits: youtube (video and letter translation) +


marge0256 said...

is there an english sub for this?

phtriples said...

i guess not marge, they just translated the letter of Kyu Jong's mom... but how i wish i could watch the whole concert with english subs! that would be nice. :)

jettie said...

0m0....hyun joong's momma was pretty!!....hyung joon and her mother was really look alike too!!!...~kekeke~

hunny said...

wow,that letter had make me so.. touched..

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