Finally! Latest pictures of Hyun Joong arriving in Korea are here! All of us are probably on the edge of our seats, wanting to catch a glimpse of our fallen ill Leader, and now we get to see him... Awww... he's looking so thin and weak... But I hope that his rest in Jeju Island will get him back to his healthy state. For those who are sensitive and those of you who cry easily... these photos would probably bring tears to your eyes.... Huhuhu. But before that, here's a video from Hurmutube in YouTube... many thanks for sharing!

This is the scene that greeted Hyun Joong in the Airport... Fans and media are there to welcome him back!

Look at Leader's face, so heartbreaking... the sickness really took its toll on him. But he's still handsome!!!

Leader doing the presscon... he's standing a long way from the crowd, on an X spot, and holding microphones from all kinds of media companies. He must still be feeling weak... aww, Leader.

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See more pictures of Leader's arrival!

I heard that the airport wanted Hyun Joong to use one of the alternate exits, but Leader insisted on leaving the airport through the main entrance, because he wanted to meet the fans. This is one of the things I love so much about Leader. He is so thoughtful and caring of Triple S. It makes us so proud of being his fans... Leader, thank you for your concern for us, but please just concentrate on getting better. Because that's the best gift you could give us: your good health, a happy smile and your 4Dness back! Looking forward to your comeback!


Anonymous said...

Such a relief to see a photo of Leader arriving in Korea. I'm just happy that he's back in his homeland & was able to survive the virus. *bad! bad virus! don't ever get near on Leader again! hmph!*

It's a little sad though to see him looking so "fragile" ...But I'm positive that he will get back in a healthy shape in no time. For now, he needs to eat, rest & free his mind.

Let's continue to pray for Leader. ^_^

boy he DOES love black. ^_^

Credit Cards for Students said...

poor leader :( makes me sad while watching the pictures.. hope he will have a full-recovery at Jeju Is.

phtriples said...

"Fragile" is a perfect term to describe Leader now... he looks okay, but seems like he's still weak... hope Jeju Island does him good, and that he can recover faster! :) Leader is a fighter, let's just pray for him guys!

msz.park17 said...

it was such a relief that HJL come back in Korea.But im still sad bcoz he looks so thin and weak. .his face is so thin. . OMG! ! !mis d 4Dimensional Hyun Joong before. . take care Hyun Joong 0ppa . . . SS501 Fighting! ! !

marge0256 said...

I super missed him.Seriously. He's too sick still, too skinny! :( He has been losing weight because of work, now he became more skinny. But boy, he sure still is hot. :)

I'm very glad he's back in SK, and he's getting better, and he's about to rest and continue resting. He needs it. And so does everyone else in the group.As to be prepared with their album, and their concerts. Health is important, they should keep that in mind,e specially leader. It's a sign from God. We just have to continue praying for Leader, and for each member as well. They need it. :)

SS501. Aja aja, fighting!

Leader, I missed you!

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