September 22, 2009

Cute SS501 Photoshopped Pics

Found these photoshopped pictures of SS501 in soompi. Whoever edited these pics did a great job! Check them out...

Jung Minnie playing football! Look at him smirk... haha!

I don't even know how to put a caption to this picture.... LMAO!!!

SS501 riding the rollercoaster! Zoom in on leader. His expression is priceless! LOL!

*Credits tagged in pics*


Anonymous said...

Last photo: Leader's "expressionless" rollercoaster ride... the key to success, "stay as stiff as you can". hahaha! too cute! ^_^

2nd photo: i can't even explain myself... so i'm guessing it was made to match Leader's 4D personality? hahaha! ^_^

1st photo: playing soccer, the sexy charismatic way... that's how you should do it boys haha! ^_^

Gabby said...

hahaha yeah, priceless expressionless. maybe they made a bet for those who stayed expressionless wins..lolz

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