Here's another news clipping, from naver... thanks to SS501UFO for the English translation!


[News] Dealing with New Influenza. Extra measures taken for oversea activities.

The case which SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong was diagnosed with new Influenza had rang the alarm to the entertainment artist regarding their oversea activities.

In July, part of staff who traveled to USA Las Vegas for "Swallow the Sun/All In 2" drama location filming were contracted with new Influenza. Today, the news of Kim Hyun Joong confirmed diagnosed with new Influenza once again casted a gloomy shadow in the entertainment circle.

This has caused a lot of inconvenience to the normal operation of their public events, fan meetings, video broadcasting and also commercial filming.

Although in order to control the influenza, many public events have been canceled, but the original schedules which are confirmed in Japan, China, Thailand and other Asian countries faced difficulties in canceling, this has caused the Media Management firm to go into a deadlock.

Regarding this matter, we had contacted a few Media Management firms.

SS501 and KARA's media management firm, DSP Media said that: "There will be a special program in one of the China local broadcasting station on 13 September. As it is closed to the schedule time, it could not be canceled. We have to take countermeasure by sending 3 of the members as representatives to China." (I wonder who these 3 will be...)

DBSK, Super Junior's media management firm, SM Entertainment said that: "The singers have to bring their own hand sanitizer and wear mask. Also, pay extra attention to maintain health and own diet, to immediately report to upper management if their body shown any abnormality."

Not only in the circle of singers, the condition of the actors are similar.

Hyun Bin who had just participated in Japan event this month was surprised when found out about Kim Hyun Joong's condition. He was very concerned and hope to adjust his schedule to have more rest and wishing Kim Hyun Joong will recover soon.

Credit: + (Chinese trans) ShasHa@( (Eng trans)

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I hope this will serve as a wake up call to DSP and to all other media management firms... please, DO take care of your talents! They're not robots; they're human beings who deserve to have ample rest too! Don't get us wrong, we love seeing them always, hearing news about them, seeing pictures of them (no matter how random)... but we also want them to have well deserved rests and not kill themselves with work. Right Triple S?


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