Pictures from the set of Music High... Hyung Jun's younger brother, Kim Ki Bum is guest DJ for the day. And he brought Choco with him! Choco is their cute dog and the Kim brothers adore this little tyke so much. It's obvious in the pictures...

[kim+hyung+jun+and+kibum.jpg] [img_3_3_0.jpg]
Wow! Kibum has killer muscles!!!

[choco1.jpg] [choco3.jpg]

Here are more photos of Hyung Jun with Choco in their home...

^^ Look at that cute little face, and the eyes... oohh, I could squeeze him! ^^

Before I end this post, since were talking about Kim Hyung Jun and his brother, I'd like to squeeze in here this little article from MyDaily... This might be old news to some, but here you go...

Kim Hyung Jun & Kim Ki Bum are well-known as the brothers in the music industry. What many people don’t know is that they have debuted as a songwriter.

During the interview with MyDaily, U-Kiss’s Kim Ki Bum said that he and his brother, SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun will collaborate more actively in making music. Their goal for this year is to be reborn as a singer-songwriter. They have worked together in preparing SS501’s Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong & Kim Hyung Jun mini album, which has been released in November last year.

The first track in the mini album is ‘Want It’, is written by Kim HyungJun. He wrote the credits as ‘Kim HyungJun (H&B)’. Although the track is written by Kim HyunJun but he summarized it as H&B. H stands for HyungJun while B stands for KiBum. KiBum said, “You will find more of this name in the future”. They also have promise to write some songs for other singers.

These two brothers are known to have a strong relationship. U-Kiss members revealed, “In 2008, Kim HyungJun made a surprised appearance when we held our first fan meeting in Japan”. HyungJun is really concern for his younger brother.

U-kiss’s fan meeting and concert was held in Japan when Kim HyungJun made a surprised visit to cheer his younger brother. Ki Bum was stunned to see his brother’s surprised appearance. The members added, “Ki Bum cried because he also didn’t know about this (HyungJun’s appearance)”, confirming that these two people have a strong brotherly love.

Awww... these guys are not only good looking, they're talented songwriters as well! Way to go guys!!! H&B fighting!


vranzeezqa said...

Wa.... KiBum's muscles is so.... AWWW!!!
Cannot have words to describe it!for
Success for both of them... :)

phtriples said...

yeah... maybe he's working out with his hyung. ;)

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