September 26, 2009

Kyu Jong's Message To Triple S

Saw this one in soompi forums... Kyu left a message in message board and goughsunflowers was kind enough to translate it! Thanks! It's nice to hear from even just one of the boys... it's been quiet in the SS501 front lately, and no recent news. Kyu is so sweet for leaving this message! Miss him! Miss all of them!

안녕^^ 안녕 .. 2009-09-26 오전 2:23:08 (bye bye)

잘자..^^ (sleep well)

보고싶다 빨리 다들 보고싶어 (I miss everyone and I want to see everyone)

우리멤버들 다들 빨리 너희들 보고싶어해 ..! (All of our members really want to see you guys [referring to fans])

조금만 기다려 금방가니까 (Wait a little bit and we'll be there soon)
몇일만 좋은꿈꾸면서 기다려줘 ^^ 금방갈께요.. (Just wait a couple of days with sweet dreams and we'll be there [back] soon)

우리 열심히하고있어.. (We [SS501] are working very hard)

멋지게 실망안시킬꺼니까..^^ (We're going to be amazing and not let you down [literal translation in Korean didn't make sense: we're amazing and not let you down... bad English grammar so I translated the best that I could... but that's what he's saying.])

히...^^ (HHEEE) [Like he he ha ha]
너네 깜짝 놀랄지모르니 ! 긴장바짝하구있어!! (You guys may be surprised! Get ready for us [get ready for our new album and return is what he's trying to say it seems])

우리 깜짝 놀랄모습으로 너네보러가니까 ! (We're going to come and surprise you!)

안녕 . 잘자 ^^ 히,, (Good bye. Sleep Well. He)

Credits: +
goughsunflowers@soompi (English Translation)


marge0256 said...

we miss them too! :)

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