How many of you Triple S Philippines know how to speak Korean? Some of you might know a few phrases, some of you might know how to speak Korean fluently. Unfortunately, I don't know how to speak the language. But I sooo want to learn!!! If only so I could carry a decent conversation with our SS501 boys! LOL. I figured, I should probably post some Korean 101 for those of you who want to be familiar with Korean basic phrases and words. Lynken was great to supply me with this info that she got from soshified forums (thanks Lyn!) I'll probably post some more in the future, so in the meantime, let's learn these basic phrases...

Common Greetings/Terms + Adressing People

안녕하세요! - Hello! (In a polite and honorific form)
Annyeonghee gasaeyo
안녕히가세요! - Goodbye! (In a polite and honorific form, said to somebody who is leaving.)
Annyeonghee gaesaeyo
안녕히게세요! - Goodbye! (Similar to above, but it's said by a person who is leaving, to a person who is staying)
안녕! - It could mean Hello OR Goodbye. (Said to friends and people who are younger, a less formal way)
감사합니다 - Thank You. (In a formal way, spoken to strangers, adults, etc.)
고마워 - Thank You. (In a non-formal way, spoken to children or friends.)
[In the Korean language, there is no actual translation for "You're Welcome"]
아줌마 - Refers to an old(er) lady, usually in their late 30's or older.
아주머니 - A more polite way to say ahjumma.
아저씨 - Refers to an old(er) man, usually in their late 30's or older. "Opposite" to ahjumma.
언니 - Older sister (Said in perspective of a girl - i.e. a girl's older sister)
누나 - Older sister (Said in perspective of a guy - i.e. a guy's older sister)
오빠 - Older brother (Said in perspective of a girl - i.e. a girl's older brother)
- Older brother (Said in perspective of a guy - i.e. a guy's older brother)
선배/선배님 - Somebody in the same "area" as you that is more experienced or older. In other words, your "senior".
후배 - Somebody less 'experienced' than you. Opposite of sunbae, or otherwise, your "junior".

Other Phrases
- "Best" or "Awesome"
얼짱 - A person with a "jjang" face. Aka, a very good looking person.
애교 - "Charms" or "Cuteness" i.e. a person with a lot of aegyo is a person who shows a lot of "cuteness."
개인기 - A special talent that somebody has. On shows and varieties, it usually refers to some hidden, quirky talent. Most celebrities gaeingi is a really good imitation of another famous person.
식신 - "God of Food," or something similar. Basically means somebody who eats a whole lot.
냉면 - Korean cold noodles served in a cold, delicious soup!
대박 - "A big hit", "a great success", or in other words, "awesome". If somebody says that the event was daebak, it means that it was a really, really, really good event.
막내- Refers to the youngest member, or last-born of a family. In SS501's case, Kim Hyung Jun.
화이팅! - It literally means, "fighting!" but in a Korean accent. It's used to encourage or cheer somebody on.
바보 - "Stupid" or something of the sort.
사랑해/사랑해요 - "I love." (If it is said to a person, it implies "I love you")

Credits: soshi subbers @ soshified forums


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