Hyun Joongie is sick, but let's not dwell on the negative. They say that if we continue to focus on the negative, more of the negative stuff will come. So instead, let's just pray for his rapid recovery. And let's focus on more of the good stuff, shall we? Here are a couple of good news lifted from SGtriples forum... thanks for translating guys!


Kim Hyun Joong leading SS501 to Singapore for concert

SS501 coming to Singapore end of year to hold a concert (internet)

Boys over Flowers' Kim Hyun Joong will be giving Singapore fans a Christmas present, that is the SS501's Persona Asia Tour Concert.

Based on the paper's reliable sources, SS501 led by Kim Hyun Joong will be bringing Persona Concert Stage to Singapore before Christmas for an early Christmas celebration with local fans.

Earlier when local organiser was still in discussion with the Korean side, fans had already emailed the main organiser for booking of tickets. Now that they are really coming to Singapore, the fans will be the happiest of all.

Actually SS501 is not unfamiliar to local fans. After Leader Kim Hyun Joong acted as Yoon Jihoo in Boys over Flowers, with his increasingly popularity, coupled with SS501 singing a few songs in the drama's OST, all lead to the explosive popularity of SS501.

One of the songs "Because I'm stupid" has topped 1003's music chart.

SS501's first Asia Tour Concert Persona, since its debut 4 years ago, began its first concert on 1st Aug in Seoul. The currently completed Concerts held in Korea and Japan received so much fans' support that the moment the tickets were on sale, they were all sold out.

The third leg of the Asia Tour has been confirmed to be in Taipei Arena. SS501 will also do a fundraising for the recent flood in Taiwan, donating S$20 for every ticket sold for the concert on 17 Oct 09.


Kim Hyun Joong beats Li Min Ho to be the best actor.

Kim Hyun Joong, with his melancholy traits, is the best actor in the hearts of the viewers!

After airing in Korea, the drama 'Boys over Flowers' not just exceeded the mark of 20% tv viewership, the main actors have also became increasingly famous. Even after half a year, the drama still continues to catch on.

The organizers of the Seoul Drama Awards 2009 and Yahoo Korea did a poll from 13 Jul to 30 Aug, targeting users from 50 countries and areas around the world, to find out the most popular drama, actor and actress. With more than 22,200,000 votes and 25,500,000 votes, Boys over Flowers and Kim Hyun Joong walked away with the best drama and best actor respectively.

Li Min Ho from the same drama came in third after Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Junki for his Iljimae role.

Goo Hye Sun came in third in the Best Actress category for her role as Geum Jan-di in Boys Over Flowers. Moon Geun Young was voted the most popular actress for her role in Painter of the Wind and Han Hyo Joo was 2nd for her Iljimae role.
Original in Chinese: LianHe WanBao 2009.09.08
Scanned & Posted by: linda0109 @ SgTripleS.com
Translated into English: emz @SgTripleS.com


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