September 1, 2009

SS501 Anime Fanart Part 1

I saw these drawings in and I found them real cute. Featuring SS501 as animes. LOL. I'm a person who appreciates art and the people who drew these are really talented. Without the labels, can you guess who is who among the members? And which drawing do you think resembles the SS501 members quite accurately? Kudos to the artists who made these fanarts! So cute!!!

*Credits: +*

^This, I think, is my favorite. It resembles them closely. ^

And here are more SS501 anime fanarts that ang3lzz@soompi found. Thanks ang3lzz!


Nina Aziz said... that white one too n also the third frm last pic too

Anonymous said...

love them all :)

Anonymous said...

me too love them all :)

tiancheng said...

reli cool n awesome!

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