September 22, 2009

SS501 Dance Rehearsals

I love seeing SS501 dance rehearsals. It's not as good as the real performance on stage, but in the rehearsals, you get to see the little quirks, mannerisms, and backstage pass that you won't get in live concerts. It's good to see the boys practice, right? For some people, it could be kind of hard to recognize who is who among the members in these rehearsal videos (because there are other dancers with them). But if you memorize the boys' features and dance moves already, you can spot the members right away. Watch these rehearsal videos that I got from YouTube.

SS501 "A Song Calling For You" Studio Dance Rehearsal
Look out for:
@ 1:19 - Jung Min's rolled across the wall
@ 1:50 - Hyun Joong stepped on someone's leg
@ 2:09 - Young Saeng kicked the dustbin

SS501 "DeJa Vu" Studio Dance Rehearsal

Kim Hyun Joong "U R Man" Studio Dance Rehearsal

SS501 Asia Song Festival Stage Dance Rehearsal

Video credits: DS01TTS@Youtube, cherisheu@YouTube, 501bjoo@YouTube


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