Since debut, this is SS501's first visit to Malaysia. PJM says, Malaysians makes us feel comfortable and they are very warm hearted. As the members first went to Kota Kinabalu, Leader KHJ saw monkeys in the wild, the feeling is really magical.

When the host asked SS501 which member loves to eat, everyone unanimously pointed at YS, thus making YS wide eyed asking "is it me?". He explains that Malaysian food are very interesting, he loves it, will try even more (in the future).

YS feels that Malaysia is a country that allows one to feel relax and happy, even though it was due to work that they came to Malaysia, he hopes to come to Malaysia for a proper holiday the next time. Hyung Jun humbly thanks everyone who came to support and hopes to be able to hold a concert in Malaysia soon!

What made SS501 Malaysians excited, was that while SS501 was making an official announcement of the concert, they revealed that they may be singing more songs, as by then their new album would have been released! Thus adding more songs in the concert!

Hyung Jun was constantly "nominated" to be most different off the screen. Everyone explains that Hyung Jun is always full of smiles in front of the camera, he would also act cute to gain attention. However, away from the camera, he would become lethargic, smiles would disappear! Having other member exposed his "secret", Hyung Jun denies it and even finds it funny!

SS501 members were asked which was their favourite song in the album, PJM says its "Only Me",because he wrote the lyrics to this song and the lyrics are related to his experiences. After which, he even spoke in malay "terima kasih" (thank you)!

KyuJong, who is slowly gaining more popularity and looks even more charming in real life, explains that his favourite track off the album was "Never let you go", because he feels that the song is great. Besides writing the lyrics to this song, he was even involved in the productions!

As always, Leader KHJ way of speaking and mannerism is no different from before, he states that his favourite song in the album is "Thank You", and even translates the title to the three words "xie xie ni" in mandarin! Because to himthe song means alot and has deep significance to him.

The very shy and reserve YS, reveals that his favourite is "Find" from the Best Hits album, because he has never tried this style of music.

Hyung Jun states that in fact every song is very nice! But if he has to make a choice, he would choose "I am"! Just that, the host asked Hyung Jun to sing this song on the spot, with encouragement from the crowd, Hyung Jun fulfills the "crowd's" request and sang a small part of the song! After which, everyone applauded, making him feel happy and embarrassed!

SS501 members' good relationship can be observed through their interactions during the event. They occasionally whisper to one another in the ear and even often communicate through eye contact. There was once when the host asked a question, PJM immediately passed the mic to Kyu Jong, thus leaving him almost flustered!

SS501 members were given traditional Malay musical instruments. Momentarily, they turned into 5 little big kids, playing with the instruments and listening to the natural sounds that they have never heard before!

Charisma PJM, came to Malaysia in this "doll" hairstyle. Wearing a hat, his straight bangs, his big round eyes and fantastic smile, gives off an aura of full marks! While the other members are talking, PJM can be spotted occasionally pouting, thus turning his face into a meatbun, its really very cute!

As leader, KHJ seems to be keeping a lower profile, even though most of the questions answered by the other members, when faced with a "tough question" (slightly more serious questions) Leader KHJ would immediately take over and answer the question. With regards to the question about DBSK, as good friends with them, Leader KHJ immediately steps out to defend them. He explains that the rumors of DBSK, and states that SS501 is of a different group genre, and each groups are special in their own ways. He hopes that everyone would continue to give support to Korean groups and love their music. This shows the close relationship between DBSK and SS501!

Credits: yanton9 @ Quainte501 + as labeled on scans + syarifah.arfah@soompi +


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