Oh wow... I feel like I've just started this blog, and now I'm already writing my 100th post! It's true, time just flies by when you're having fun...

Anyway... recently, so many Triple S fans have commented that SS501 look tired all the time, especially Leader Hyun Joong! Some fans even saw that he almost fainted in Malaysia. And Baby Hyung Jun is looking so thin these days. Can you imagine the schedule of these boys?! It's crazy! What with the Persona Asia Tour Concert, numerous fanmeetings, video shoots, pictorials, and promotions, they're working round the clock! I think you will all agree with me when I say that these boys need to rest! We love seeing them in their various activities, yes... but we also wouldn't want them to collapse out of sheer exhaustion! Right Triple S?! They deserve some rest in between activities so as to recharge their batteries. They're not robots, for crying out loud! I hope DSP will grant them even just a few days rest, without having to work. We Triple S fans can't stand seeing them sick and exhausted and looking like they're ready to collapse anytime.

Although these are just observations from Triple S fans... but once you're seen them in person, you won't be able to deny the fact that it shows in their faces and in their tired, sometimes forced smiles. We actually miss the lively, wacky, energetic SS501 from back in the days... where they get to joke around with each other, hitting each other and having fun, oblivious of the camera or of anyone else. We miss that!!!

We love that SS501 is a hardworking group, and that they only want to show us the best, but we also would want to see them ENJOYING and RESTING and HAVING FUN! I guess what I'm trying to say is... give the guys some well deserved breaks!!! And to Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Jung Min, and Hyung Jun... take care of yourselves more!

I'm going to end my 100th post with a picture of SS501 sleeping... looking so serene and peaceful... To SS501: hope you guys don't ever get burned out! And still continue being SS501 for all your fans! I know there are cases in the entertainment industry... artists that are overworked, and forced to deal with all kinds of pressure from all kinds of people, have the tendency to feel burned out and they sometimes forget what it is that made them fall in love with their craft in the first place. SS501, I hope you will always love singing and performing, because your Triple S fans won't ever get tired of supporting you guys! SS501 fighting!


Nicky said...

hi! congrats ..well done. like to the blog ^_^

i had been trying to post a comment here every time i visit the site but it seems i couldn't for some reason. hope this one will get posted ..

phtriples said...

hi Nicky! yey! you're comment came through! i don't know why you're having trouble commenting but i hope that's fixed already. thank you for visiting my blog! take care! triple s fighting!

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