September 28, 2009

SS501 Postcard Books

Featuring SS501 Postcard Books in USA! Each page includes a picture of the boys taken when they were in the States. Each book sells $12.40 US Dollars... that's more or less P600 pesos! It's a handy, easy-to-bring merchandise. If you want to bring the boys with you to school or to the office, you can scribble your notes on it. Or if you don't want to tarnish the pages, you can just bring it with you to show off to friends. Or if you want to pass the the time, you can just stare at your favorite member's picture. LOL. Pretty neat. I want one of these!

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You can also get it now from YesAsia. But they charge a higher price. Get it here.


darlingdan said...

hi. where or how can we buy this neat thing? in the US only? it looks pretty interesting and cheaper than the previously released photobook. :)

phtriples said...

hi darlingdan! check out this site:

i don't understand korean, so i don't know how to navigate the site, but i think you can order from there...

darlingdan said...

thanks! maybe i could ask someone to translate or just wait for another (web)site to sell it. :)

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