There are mixed reactions regarding the SS501 fansigning event in Malaysia. Some were happy, some were disappointed. Those of us who weren't lucky enough to go, are just waiting for news and stories about the event. So I thought we should hear from those who experienced it first hand. Thanks to the wonderful Triple S fans who shared their experiences. I hope you guys don't mind if I share them here as well.

cottoncandyclouds shares...
Hi, I was at the fansigning just now at One World hotel. I'm not much of a SS501 fan, was helping my friend's friend get a autograph..... we stood there and waited for 2hours +. Roughly 1k plus fans there and there was inconsiderate pushing. Besides the run of the mill characteristics of fansigning events (no pics, one member only, buy the album etc etc), this is what I noticed after getting an autograph from Hyun Joong:

- He was really really tired. Out of all the members present, he looked really really exhausted.
-I said anyong oppa and he looked up to me and smiled, albeit a sad smile.He didn't say anything though. He looks quite thin in comparison to his pictures. The poor chap was so tired he looked as if he completely didn't know what he was doing. Extremely blur. Its like he was physically here, but his mind was drifting off somewhere else.He gave me back the album with the same big but fatigued grin.I smiled back, said thank you and ran off. My friend got to shake his hand!

- He is very haggardly.

Hyunjoong, omg get some rest

P.S: I didn't know he knew how to speak english, if i did i'd tell him he looks dead tried and shold get some sleep.

Chojungie shares...
The fansigning was kind of dissapointing! sad.gif A lot of fans couldn't get their signatures cause they had to rush to the airport or something.........Plus, no cameras allowed, only one member's signature each, and a whole lot of pushing! And some fans even cried when they announced that they had to end the fansigning already. Some people started shouting for a refund and such.......Some fans may be happy, but some were dissapointed too.....But I don't blame SS501....not their fault....Hope they get some rest on the plane!

Oh well, at least i got to see them because i was right in front of the door with my lil sis and they closed the door on us. But we peeked in and saw Hyunjoong, Hyungjun and Jungmin. Hyungjun was still signing and he was smiling while Hyunjoong looked tired and he was waiting for magnae. Jungmin smiled at us before they closed the door and he looked so sad sad.gif One of the management people said that they're probably coming back for a concert at the end of the year and one lady said that maybe we can get our albums signed then...But i feel happy enough that i got to see them.

alin103 shares...
Hi all, just come back from the fansigning, reached there around 1.00 p.m. There so many fans maybe around 1,000+.

All i can say is all of them looks so handsome, fresh and well rested. I'ts me or all of them look really tall. Me and my friend wave crazily at Hyun Joong guess what he waves back at us and smileeeee OMG he have a sweetest smile. I didn't get Hyun Joong signature coz we can't choose which member u like. So i got Yeong Saeng. YS is so sweet I even ask him to wrote my name on the cd cover, shake hand with him. I even forget to take out the cd cover for him to sign, i say sorry to him and he smile back at me..... Oh my he looks so good... I don't think i can sleep tonight, after meet all of them in person, and smile of hyunjoong and yeongsaeng oh i'm going crazyyyyy. The security is so tight so it's hard to take a very good picture, and i don't even get to take hyunjoong picture... so sad. All i got is jungmin picture coz he sit at my side so it's easier for me to take his photo 2gether with kyujong.

OMG Kyujong looking at me!!!!

Jung Min smile at me!!!

My CD Cover wt Yeong Saeng signature

hinata0689 shares...

i just got back from their fansignmeeting too.. im gonna say.. THEY TOTALLY HOOOOOOTTTTT!!!!
i didnt get their pics coz the bodyguard already warning triple s to do not take their pics
really irritated
i got to shake hand with jungmin.. he so cute and friendly
he said something in malay like "apa khabar" and "terima kasih"
and i replied "oppa jjang".. he got blushing and smile to me back
really love jungmin oppa n other members

after the fansignmeeting finished
i also got to meet them b4 they taking flight to klia
luckily i stay coz after the fansignmeeting, the security said that they already go to the airport
but i wont to believe them and wait for them
kyujong seems so tired
and jungmin wave and said good bye to triple s

so happy i got met them today
i think i would dream of them again ^ ^

dis pic b4 the security guard said to do not take pics..

pic of jungmin signature.. so sad that he use non-permanent marker
but still get to see thank you n love at that signature

n dis van they have ss501 members b4 they go to the airport..
so sad cannot get their pics again coz the security really tight

ujiyus1 shares...
OK....I'm dead tired but still excited, so I need to tell my story first.

The fansigning was quite a chaos, no proper planning at all, a lot of pushing and ppl cut queue. Anyway, since it was such a short notice, but then again.... common, at least have a decent procedures/ planning for it! I've waited 5 hours, from 1.30pm till 6.30...and manage to get Kyu's signature. And I was so dissapointed, no camera is allowed.... aaaarrghhhhh..... and one person only one signature!!!! And they use whiteboard marker... common laaa!!!

Overall, I'm quite happy because Kyu is my fav member and I got him to sign on my album. I was the first in Kyu's lane for my batch (we go in batch by batch), he smile and waves at me and of course I was smiling like I was in heaven already and waves back to him. He is one fine handsome man, yup...yup... he is!!! I said to him..."welcome to Malaysia", and he looked up at me and smile and said "thank you"... He has the sweetest smile...and his voice is so soft and soothing!!! When he wanted to sign the album, suddenly the ink doesn't come out... Arrghhh... I even asked him "No ink ahh???" Then he try harder, whalaaaaa, the ink come out already...phewwww!!!!

He passed me the signed album and smile and waves again!!! I dunno how I manage to get down from the signing was like a dream!!!

Well, I wanted to scan and post my signed album here but afraid that the ink still wet.. ha haa!!! Too precious... Anyway, the 5 boys are so so handsome, and should I say...beautiful too and now I know why they are called "pretty boys". Their skin are flawless... perfecto!!! that I have took all the excitement out of my chest, I want to get a shower and sleep with my lips keeee!!!!

oopss...forgot one thing, I was also staring at kyu's so so cuteeeeeeee!!!!

joongieforeva shares...
when it was my turn for the autograph session, i purposely waste time choosing which line so i can stare at 5 of them properly. the first person that reach my eyes is hyungjun.....gosh he is soooooo goodlooking.

i can say that the four of them look as good in tv and real life except one member JUNGMIN. jungmin looked so much better in real life. he look so cute with his mushroom fringe and a hat, he just keep smilling nonstop. he looked like a young cute prince coming out from fairytale. i can stay that jungmin looked so different from pictures and tv

i always thought that hyunjoong will give me the 'wow' effect, is his real? to me but i guess jungmin snatch away the spotlight when i saw them in real life

kyu jong is so sweet and nice, still the shy type to me. yongsaeng as usual 'prince yongsaeng' trying to be cool and keep his composure.

i queue at hyunjoong line ( he has the longest line)
i love hyunjoong since we got married not bof.... not the biased jihoo fan

so when it was my turn i show him a paper with my name written on it.....he CALLED OUT MY NAME looking at me after signing my name on the album. gosh, his deep sexy voice is so lovely. I didn't expect him to pronounce my name so accurately considering it's not a common english name in korea.

so far there is no korean artist sharing the same english name as me. After he sign my name on it, i raised out my hand for him to shake.....gosh i don't want to leave so early, so i just blab out 'gamsahamnida' after taking my album and he SMILED AT me. finally he smile, i can see that leader is very tired. he don't shine as much as it seems.
actually you can only take signature with one member, sneaky me took away the cover and secretly queue at another line to sign again. first, i wanted to go kyu jong's line but since jungmin line is empty and my mum like him, i went to jungmin's line

pity him, i think he got the least fan. before i went to his line, he was doodling a face with a pink marker pen. he was so bored until he draw on a piece of paper. i can see that he has a bored epxression on his face. but after he saw me, he was smiles on his face

first he sign his signature on the album, then he ask for my name. i didn't expect him to do that since other member didn't ask for your name.

so i told him my mother's name, but he cannot listen properly, so he made some mistakes. cute jungmin cover the mistake by drawing 3 hearts on it and ask me again.

gosh he leaned over to me ...( thanks to his hearing problem) i spell out the name for him right at his ear. omg he is sooooooo close to me probably less than 2 cm after that he said 'thank you', he shake hand with me. i just want to praise him, so i said 'you look very handsome' in english and he said 'thank you' to me again with a shy/contented smile. OMG HE IS SO CUTE.....

bbwakiyama shares...
I was there with my two Japanese friends. We planed to get lots of pictures of the boys so we can share with Japan TS. We were staying at the same hotel of the event. We arrived and checked in the hotel 5 hours ahead of time, and then we made a stupid decision to go out for lunch and for touring the city. The traffic was SO bad that we got back only half an hour before the event. It was choas at the waiting lines of about 300 meters long,..yeap, I'm not kidding. We were not able to buy the CD, or get into the hall.

After the event ended, we went into the hotel and tried to get to the boys from the other side of the meeting room. After getting ourselves lost, and chased by the securities all over that giant hotel several rounds. We were able to see SS501. YES! after all the madness and disappointments, we saw them in the hallway, walking toward another room. This is my third times seeing the boys in person, yet I still amazed at how GOOD LOOKING they are. Leader is just drop-dead GORGEOUS, KuyJoong is very, very HANDSOME, YoundSaeng is as CUTE as a button, Baby and JM are just TOO ADORABLE to describe. We were stoped by bodyguard and hotel securities, they even tried to take away our cameras.

Right at when we tried to get the boys' attentions, and negotiated with the securities, something HEARTBROKEN was happened right before our eyes; LEADER ALMOST FAINTED. He lost his balance and leaned for the wall. YoungSaeng who walked behind him jumped forward and held leader to prevent him from falling into the floor. His manager even tried to flash water onto HJ's face. Everybody was panic and rushed over Leader. We could still see his head, so I believed that he didn't really lost his consciousness. The whole group moved into the room right after that. We stood at the end of the hallway for hour to wait for them anxiously, but then got chased away by the hotel security. My friend cried her eyes out, she's a big fan of Leader since 2005. One of the event coordinator was nice enough to inform us that everything is ok with Leader, he just need to rest, but then she also said that they still have interviews with the press.. I feel so sorry for the boys, especially Leader. They all looked so tired. Their schedule is ridiculously packed. We didn't get to take any decent picture to share with you all. Our plan didn't come out as good as we thought. Still, we were happy to see the boys, but also feel horrible at the same time because of Leader's incident. I hope they will get enough rest.

Apparently, the security in the fansigning was very strict. But why not allow fans to take pictures?! Don't you think that's a little to extreme? And I feel sad about the boys being too tired, especially Leader. I agree they should really take enough rest. Oh well... at least Triple S Malaysia got to see SS501! You guys are so lucky! Thanks again for sharing!

Credits: cottoncandyclouds, Chojungie, alin103, hinata0689, ujiyus1, joongieforeva, bbwakiyama @ soompi forums


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