October 9, 2009

Just A Little Bit More...

I can only imagine what goes on inside the SS501 bus... can you? Probably, the members are playing, or maybe Jung Min is picking a fight with Baby again, or perhaps Leader is taking the chance to sleep for a few minutes while they travel? Maybe Kyu Jong and Young Saeng are talking... or maybe manager oppa is giving them last minute pep talks. Hmmm, who knows right? We can only guess. But let's take a little peek through the cameras of fans and see a little bit more of the boys once they've entered their bus. Jung Min and YS are sweet to give a teensy weensy treat to their fans. Watch.

Jung Min really cracks me up on this one... look at what he did...
Video uploader: ss501ufo@YouTube

YS is being a bit playful here, teasing the fans with his hand and actually taking an unexpected peek from the window. Notice the camera shake... the fan who took this video was so excited, it's a good thing she didn't drop the cam. Haha!
Video uploader: shirbogurl21@YouTube


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