[News] SS501 Kim HyunJoong will lead SS501 to start a new 'Hallyu' wave in Shanghai

Recently many Korean idols have either been drafted to army or involved in court case. Endless cases have affected the Hallyu consumer market, leading Korean idols to a 'vacuum period'.

Not long later, 'DBSK' and 'ShinHwa' might bid their farewell to their fans, new generation group SS501 timely fit into the market.

On 14 November, they will held their only concert in China at Hongkou Football Stadium.

Follow the foot step of 'DBSK'

After increasing the Hallyu wave in their concert at HongKou Football Stadium, Korea popular group 'DBSK' immediately went into a contract dispute with their management company.

At the same time, with the excellent acting in 'Boys over Flower', SS501 became many 'Korean lovers' new found love.

Shoot to popularity leader Kim HyunJoong will lead the 4 members of SS501, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Park JungMin and Kim HyungJoon to raise another new 'Hallyu' wave.

Actually, this is not the first time SS501 held their concert in China, as early as February 2008, they had once test the market responses in Shanghai.

This time, they are going to challenge HongKou Football Stadium which their senior 'ShinHwa' and 'DBSK' performed before, using this to further confirm their idol status.

As known to all, Korean boyband's has very shocking appeal in Asia, SS501 model their senior "DBSK" steps to gradually venture into this market.

In year 2006, they officially ventured into Asia market, showing their strength in singing and dancing.

After successfully ventured into Japan, SS501 also released their album and held their concert back in Korea, after that they changed their target to the vast China market, step by step following the similar model as 'DBSK'.

Riding on the popularity of 'Boys Over Flower'

For idol groups, the indispensable rule is to have multiple development. SS501 also hold many different roles. They are very active in their roles as MC, Radio DJ and actor.

Year 2009, leader Kim HyunJoong acted in the popular drama 'Boys over Flowers' as passionate Yoon JiHoo sunbea and became the new love of many lady audiences.

His sudden rose in popularity brought up SS501 popularity into another peak. Currently, SS501 has already been promoted into the most popular Korean idol group in Asia.

Riding on the strong popularity, recently SS501 officially started their Asia Tour Concert. Their Seoul Asia Tour concert held on 1 & 2 August was the starting point.

After that, it was continued in Tokyo and Taipei. Shanghai will be the 4th stop of their Asia Tour Concert, also the only China stop.

Next, SS501 will be landing in Hong Kong on 12 December.

Leader's health fully recovered

Other than that, this year H1N1 also hit Kim HyunJoong. During his promotion activities for 'Boys over Flowers' in Japan during the beginning of September, he was contracted with H1N1. He was unlucky to be the 1st in Korea contracted with this disease and was quarantine in Japan for 1 week for medical treatment. He only returned to his team after fully recovered.

After that, in order to let his health to fully recover and also not to pass the disease to other members, Kim HyunJoong was absent in many SS501 activities until the concert in Taipei Arena on 17 October.

Upon arrival in Taipei, SS501 had attracted around 1000 fans to welcome them in airport. Their concert in Taipei arena even attracted the participation of around 12,000 fans.

From all these, you can see SS501 high popularity.

Kim HyunJoong revealed, all of them are full of anticipation for their trip to Shanghai. Currently, their health are in tip top condition.

They hope all China fan will come together to participate in their Shanghai concert on 14 November.

Credit: 天天新報 + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
Repost only with full credits.

I have no doubt that SS501 will have a successful Persona in Shanghai concert. That's less than 3 weeks from now! The boys are so busy with their comeback activities, we'll be seeing a lot of them in the upcoming weeks! I'm sure Hongkou Football Stadium will be packed on November 14. "Kim HyunJoong will lead the 4 members of SS501, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Park JungMin and Kim HyungJoon to raise another new 'Hallyu' wave." I like the sound of that!


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