What??? Hyung Jun will no longer be appearing in his show, Find It! Green Gold!??? This is what it seems to be like according to Brian Joo's Myspace blog entry... I wonder what went wrong...


Quote from Brian's Blog:
Some New Updates~!

Hey Everyone,
Just wanted to give you the latest scoop on what is planned for this month. I have good and bad news. First I'll start with the bad news, which is that I am officially off the SBS TV Program "Finding the Green Gold". There were some mis-communications that ended up with me and the other guys leaving the show... I was hoping that it would last longer but, unfortunately it is over but we still have 2 more episodes that haven't aired yet. Also, I am still apart of "SBS' 강심장 (Strong Heart)" and it has GREAT reviews so far so looking forward to working on this show more and more. Also, I just found out that I will be flying out to Chicago on the 29th of this month for an event that will be held on the 30th at the Christian Heritage Academy in Chicago. I hope some of you can make it out to see me perform. I'm pretty excited to get the chance to perform in Chicago... This will be my first time...

Anyhow, that's all for now and if any new updates come up, I'll be sure to let you all know... thanks for the taking the time out to read my blog... God bless ya'll~!
Credits: brianjoomusic@myspace


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