There are sooooo many pictures of the boys now that they're active and appearing on a lot of shows again. Sometimes, I can't even differentiate which show is which, just by looking at the pics. LOL. Anyways, here are more pictures from the Global Fair & Festival Incheon. I've got 216 pictures, but I don't want to cram them all here in one post. Instead, I'm going to post some of the individual pictures plus a handy download link for each. Enjoy!

Kim Hyun Joong Pictures
Click to download all 67 pictures!

Heo Young Saeng Pictures
Click to download all 46 pictures!

Kim Kyu Jong Pictures
Click to download all 22 pictures!

Park Jung Min Pictures
Click to download all 28 pictures!

Kim Hyung Jun Pictures
Click to download all 28 pictures!

Credits: as tagged on pics


Anonymous said...

everytime you post their pictures into one folder, i will be SOOOOO happy!
you lighten up my day!

phtriples said...

you're welcome. :) there are just so many pictures, that I feel it's tiring to right click and save... so i thought i'd make things easier by providing a download link. hope you guys enjoy. and thanks for leaving comments. sometimes, a simple thank you from you guys are enough to make my day. :) cheers!

Anonymous said...

thanks for ss501 pictures i really appreciate your hardwork. God bless you... ss501 fighing!

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