SS501 Performed at Taipei Arena
Praised TW Fans for being Warmest & Most Passionate

So long as SS501 is there, the screams will not cease!

Popular Korean boy band SS501 held their first overseas concert at the Taipei Arena on 17th. The five members gave their best to give a dashing appearance and performance, and they also said that they'd carried out the promise they'd made to everyone earlier. Although they did not speak very much Mandarin throughout the concert, SS501 was all praises for the Taiwanese fans' ultra-warm passion.

SS501 is now the holder of two records for being the first South Korean group and also the fastest to hold a concert at the Taipei Arena after releasing their albums in Taiwan. They had a total of ten changes of costumes tonight, and they were able to run everywhere on the T-shaped stage. That, coupled with the lighting comparable to those in the large-scale clubs and the numerous breakthrough effects, caused the fans to scream incessantly. Even the members complimented on how ultra-passionate and enthusiastic the Taiwanese fans were.

At the points when SS501 performed the the song track Because I'm Stupid from the drama Boys Over flowers and when Kim Hyun Joong ripped off his top to show his chest during his Please Be Good To Be Me solo item, the fans went totally crazy and out of control. Jung Min's rendition of Tian-Mi-Mi 「甜蜜蜜」 further reached the cores of the near-11,000 fans' hearts. Including the five members' solos, there were a total of 24 songs being performed at the concert tonight.

The standing area, also the hottest and most-wanted zones of the fans, had a little commotion just before the concert was about to start. The organizer Broker Brothers Herald (BBH) commented that it was only when they were on-site to build the stage that Taipei Arena requested that they widen the safety passage, and this resulted in a small fraction of the fans who held Section-B standing tickets not being able to enter the venue. After an emergency negotiation, the fans were arranged to sit at the media and VIP section, and the matter was settled amicably.

After successfully wrapping up their first-ever concert in Taiwan, SS501 is expected to take the Asiana Airlines flight OZ712 at 2:45pm on the 18th to return to Korea. Warner Music Taiwan, on the other hand, will continue to blaze the SS501 trail by releasing the Taiwanese version of their latest mini album on the 30th.

Credit: 奇摩新聞 + Triples TW + (English translation) happiebb @SgTripleS
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As expected, the concert was a success! Congratulations SS501 for another fantabulous performance. Bravo! Now next on their SCHEDULE is the release of the REBIRTH mini album on the 22nd. Their comeback officially starts then and we should all support them! Like Leader said in his Tony Moly interview, if we want SS501 to stay, we have to buy their albums. And who doesn't want SS501 to stay??? So Triple S, support support support! For those who haven't ordered their album yet, order now! Although the marketing strategy of DSP is poor, we Triple S can make up for their weakness. Let's spread SS501 love by getting as much people as we can to buy their album. We can do it! Here's an advert of the REBIRTH album in UFOtown...

Credit: UFOtown


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