October 23, 2009

SETI Episode 6 Is Out!

Darn it, I'm having mixed emotions right now! Hmmm... what do I feel, I guess I'm feeling a little bit of shock, yes, I was definitely shocked. What else, envy? Jealousy? Haha. At the same time I feel ridiculously elated and giggly! Well, if you haven't seen this episode of SETI, I won't spoil the surprise, because it has a different impact when you already know what to expect as compared to when you literally have no idea what's going to happen. But to be honest, I actually cried out loud "Oh my God!" when I saw this episode. I haven't even recovered yet. Damn, Kyu is just so...... ahhh. I can't even find the words. Anyway, just see for yourself... I'm going to watch the clip again for the umpteenth time. Sigh.

Video uploader: reena29lim@YouTube

Screencaps from SETI episode 6..

Credits: as tagged in pics

Read SETI Episode 6 comics here.


LyN said...

OMG!! Kyuuu!!! well..they are really becoming a man now..*sigh*
i can't also describe the feeling..and what more if young saeng is the one in there..i might suffer from a heart attack!! hahahaha..i've seen this in here first..thanks for sharing..

shasha said...

OMG !! i agree with you LyN .. if young saeng did this kind of scene i might die cause of jealousy haha jkay !
i was covering my mouth and my eyes was like this O.O .. really i didn't see that one coming! haha .. im having a mixed emotions too, im jealous but at the same time kinikilig hahaha .. this is my favorite episode so far hahahaha .. the girl was soo lucky!!!!! good job kyu !!!

maryy said...

haha thanks man! he looked like he was dancing to 2PM's again and again after he crossed the traffic light! haha

mcn said...

i'm jealous..period..haha!

but yeah, lyn and shasha..if it was young saeng, i will seriously freak out..hihi!

phtriples said...

haha! i was actually thinking after i saw the clip, the only ones i haven't seen kissing onscreen are baby and young saeng. and i totally imagined young saeng doing that scene, and i think you're right guys, he will probably give me a bigger shock. hahaha!

not to play devil's advocate, but do you guys want young saeng to do his first onscreen kiss too? cmon, jealousy aside, wouldn't you want to see him kiss too? hehehe. ^_^

Mikai said...

Hmmm could anyone tell me what they were talking in the middle of the street prior to the kissing scene?

phtriples said...

hi mikai! i'm sure the video with english subs will be out soon, let's just wait! ^_^ i'm excited to know what they're talking about too. ;)

Mikai said...

Oh my thanks you're so fast! ^_^ By the way I'm one of your avid blog reader. Checking your site became my everyday routine. Keep the updates coming ^_^

LyN said...

i see u changed the video with the one with english subs..thanks!

for ur question if we want young saeng to do his first onscreen kiss also..my answer is...an dwae!! an dwae!! (it can't be!! it can't be!!) haha..

but jealousy aside?..i still don't want!! haha..hindi pwede!! LOL!

but lately, he's always such a tease..OMG, this is kyu jong post..mianhe..hehe

lainee said...

Arrhh.. He become such a man and at the same time he is still a boy!!! Check out his revenge when he ran away after the traffic man turned red and him teasing the girl when she is stranded in the middle of the road.. and the way he pull her into him for the kiss is so perfect.. I'm so jealous and envoius of her!!!!

Kim Kyu Jong = HOT!!!!!
Sarangheayo Kyu Jong!!!

p/s: he's so cute here

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