SS501 CDs, namely SUPERHITS, FIND & DEJA VU will be released in Manila within this month. Packaging of the cds would be the same as those cds released in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and HongKong.

Exact release date to be announced soon.

Credits: YesAsia + zai_ems@TSPH +

This is really good news guys! I'd like to thank Ems from TSPH for sharing the info. I would definitely buy these albums once they're released. Let's support SS501 here in the Philippines by buying their albums personally in record bars where they're sold. Instead of buying online, let's wait and buy them here in our own country. That way, they'll have high album sales. Let's aim to get SS501 on top of the ALBUM CHARTS Triple S!!! This is one way of showing DSP that there are many SS501 fans here in the Philippines. Sounds good? Will you buy these albums?


Gizzie said...

Wow! That's really good news..
Been looking at and thinking of buying all SS501 albums from there..
But reading your post about their albums selling here in our country..that's a relief!

I will definitely buy those..
Love SS501 so much! Their songs are also great.

Hope a lot of TS Phils support them all the way.. I know I will forever! :-)

By the way, is there like a website where I can register to be an "official" Triple S Philippines member?? Would love to be part of the group.. :-)

Karren168 said...

This is great news... really made my day!... how did this happen?... who's the "mastermind" we need to thank?... keep the good news coming... I hope they will also sell UR Man...

Anonymous said...

will buy them all!
i cant wait!

reeze said...

OH YESSSSSS! this news made my day! thank you! i'm sooooo excited! waaaaaaa!

phtriples said...

@Gizzie: yes!!! let's support the boys by buying their albums here in the Phil. Try registering at

@Karren168: the news was shared by zai_ems from TSPH forum. if you're a member, you can go thank her :) you can view the thread here:

Geca said...

Wow good news!
Which record company will release the album? warners? (just like malaysia), sony? etc...
Because they can also arrange to get the boys to the Philippines if there's good feedback.

Anonymous said...

really?! that's good news!!
by the way, my name is Lyn from San Juan.

i've been visiting this blog almost everyday..3 thumbs up!

btw, i hope u don't mind me sharing this..but i saw this from youtube.. its young saeng, kyujong and baby as F3 - boys over flowers..

im not sure if u posted it here already..but the vid just have 40+ views as of this moment..thanks to hemaidi for uploading it. (don't know her but just in case she saw this comment) hehe.

phtriples said...

Hi Lyn! thanks, I already included the Energy Over Flowers BOF Parody video in the TV shows page, under the SS501 Sub-Unit shows and appearances... :) let's support the boys when their albums are released here, ok? buy all three! hehehe!

Ems said...

Hi phtriples!!!

Thanks for posting this news. I just got an update that all cds will be imported from Taiwan so it's gonna be exact thesame cds+ dvds that we see on the net. It's gonna be out in 2 or 3 weeks time. For those who live in the province, will handle pre-order for the cds so we can all buy the cds during the first week of release. Cds might come with a limited edition poster. Ofcourse, you can also ask your relatives and friends here in Manila to buy the cds for you :)

phtriples said...

thanks ems!!! Guys, ems ^^ is the one who kindly shared this news with us, she's the one to thank! hehehe. :) can't wait to get my hands on those cds!

Cris Alisasis said...

Oh great, my Super Hits (Deluxe Commemorate Edition) & Deja Vu (Deluxe Edition) are now in transit from YesAsia.................

But who cares?!?! Imma buy them again when they release it here in the Philippines!!! Wooohoooo!!! *dances around*

My 14-year-old niece will go crazy when she finds this out. ^-^

Anonymous said...

I cant wait!!! Although I already have the 3 albums in my ipod I'll surely buy the albums once they release's a good thing they're going to give half of our 13th month pay this month!;-) hehehe!!!!


Anonymous said...


wow!!! i cant wait . .
its a relief..instead of buying
in Yesasia.that i cant afford..
im sure that if its out in the
philippine market has an
affordable price..


Cant wait!!!


hi triplesphilippines,

ur blog is awesome i alwayz visit it to find out whats d latest news about SS501.



tonks said...

I would definitely buy all the albums to help support the SS501 in the Philippines...Love SS501

Gabby said...

I'm so excited to buy their albums. I hope that there are more albums will be available soon, especially DVD's!

I can't wait for 3weeks, waaa!

alexa said...

ummm...are they going to release it in cebu??....pls..answer me..

Anonymous said...

Wow thats a great news I will definitely buy their cds. I really love their songs. Pls email me when it is already out in here. I don't usually go to music stores. Here's my email add Thanks

RiaJoy18 said...

I'm really excited and can't wait to buy their cds. SS501 RULES ^_^

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