October 15, 2009

SS501, Off To Taiwan!

Korea men’s team "SS501" arrived in Taiwan today. In addition to Thailand and Hong Kong fans made a special trip plane to engaged, there are of course Taiwan Fans waiting for them. Taoyuan International Airport once need to order and risk control.

Debut in 2005, "SS501", has a lot of fans in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong . They started the Asian Tour at South Korea in August, and then to Japan on the stage. The third stop in Taiwan is scheduled at the Taipei Arena on the 17th, followed by concert in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

"SS501" flew this afternoon at Taoyuan Airport. Before they arrived, in the airport control zone, there were already more than 20 fans from Hong Kong and Thailand, with different size of luggage waiting senselessly only for a glimpse idol charisma.

The person who is responsible to maintain order and preserve the safety of "SS501" because of large movement, pushed two fans to the check-in gallery hallway. Other fans in the control area are in mad chase, catch up all the way out of customs, giving gifts, wanting autographs, lengthening the time of "SS501" arrival custom.

When SS501 appears in the arrivals hall, the presence of waiting fans are all screaming. "SS501" members are smiling and waving to fans. Screaming fans are all the way, emotions surged to the highest point, the scene is almost out of control. Aircraft police need to increase manpower to come to maintain order until “"SS501" members go in the ride to leave. These fans gradually dispersed.

Two fans in order to lead SS501’s attention are wearing traditional Korean clothes. They have been waiting in the entry hall for one or two days. One Hong Kong fan came said that in order to Starchaser, she has spent more than 20,000 NT including air tickets, concert tickets and accommodation, etc. but felt worth it.

Source: libertytimes.com.tw
Translation: ss501fighting

As scheduled, SS501 have arrived in Taipei for the start of their preparations for their Persona Concert in Taiwan. Here are some fancams and pics from Incheon Airport.

Fancam focusing on Young Saeng departing for Taiwan... from BESTYS.net.
Video Uploader: marvie0701@YouTube

Fancam focusing on Jung Min from Mabel...
Video Uploader: marvie0701@YouTube

Credits: http://xiaonei.com/kyu0224 + kyustory + as tagged on pics

Credit: prettyboy

Arrival at Taoyuan International Airport

Credits: 中央社 & TW yahoo news, TripleS.tw, SS601

And here's the hotel where they're staying... Sherwood Taipei. Looks grand.

Credit: Sherwood Taipei


Cris Alisasis said...

happy fans! yey!!! ^-^

is that doraemon hanging on leader's neck? O_o

phtriples said...

yes that's right cris, that's a doraemon hanging on his neck. Ain't Leader cute??! haha!

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