SS501 in Sweet Rehearsal & Practising Mandarin Diligently


South Korean Idol Band SS501 will hold their first-ever concert in Taipei tonight. The five members have been practising their Mandarin, hoping to be even closer with their fans. In particular, member Park Jung Min will be performing the Chinese evergreen, Tian-Mi-Mi (甜蜜蜜) on-stage, and he also revealed that the Mandarin sentence he's most fluent in is "Mei-Tian-Dou-You-ng-ng-Ma?"

(princess: literally translates into 'Do you poo everyday?' do note that the 'ng ng' here is a rather discreet way of saying 'poo'.... ;) )

The Five Handsome Guys Joked about a Hawaiian Holiday

SS501's popularity in Taiwan is red-hot, their five albums and DVDs launched so far have surpassed the 50,000 copies. Due to this, Warner Music's president for the China market Sam Chen could not help but said smilingly during the press conference that the year-end bonus and staff holiday would depend on the boys.

After hearing this, the five members jokingly said, "So are we entitled to the staff holidays too? We want to go to Hawaii."

SS501 will be performing at the Taipei Arena tonight, and they made use of whatever time they had for final rehearsals. One of the members, Park Jung Min, has been practising the song Tian-Mi-Mi very diligently, and he even showed his prowess through a tongue twister.

Regarding how there were fans being pushed by the Korean security staff during the chaotic moments at the airport two days ago, they expressed that they hoped that the fans were safe and unhurt.

Kim Hyun Joong Lost Tremendous Weight; But Thought He's Better Looking Now

Leader Kim Hyun Joong was down with the new flu virus H1N1 sometime back. He appeared to be somewhat lethargic during the press conference yesterday, his health was also brought up by the media as a cause for concern. He shared that he's fully recovered.

The weight loss is due to the hectic dance practices. However, he felt that the weight loss made him appear even better looking in front of the camera, so it was an unexpected 'gain'. As for why he was looking listless and tired, it's because he's an 'nocturnal animal'; he would come alive at night and become very energetic.

Original in chinese: Lin Xiao Juan / TW liberty times 自由時報
Reposted by: vile / HyunJoongChina

Translated into english: happiebb @SgTripleS

Awww, Leader. I really hope that he gets to go back to his old look. Meaning, no puffy eyes, a little bit of weight gain, and that radiant smile back in his face! I wonder if he will rip his shirt during his solo performance for Taiwan. Can't wait to see pictures and videos!I 'm really excited for Taiwanese fans, they're going to see the boys tonight!!! I'm so jealous! Hehe. Anyway, I wish you all good luck! The concert is going to be blast tonight, I know it! Enjoy SS501! Fighting!


Cris Alisasis said...

LOL @ nocturnal animal. So Leader is a nightcrawler... O_o

phtriples said...

Haha! Actually, this is the first time I'm hearing about this. I didn't know that Leader is a night owl! ^_^

Anonymous said...

why does kyu look so sad? he looked really serious and no sweet smile from him :(

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