October 17, 2009

SS501 Persona In Taiwan

[News] Korea Idol Group SS501 start the concert. Shower chocolate. Fans frenzied.

Korea idol group SS501 started their concert in Taipei Arena tonight. Coupled with explosive and impactful fire flame as background effect, giving a shocking impact everybody. When SS501 showered fans with chocolate, all went into a frenzied.

At the beginning of the concert, SS501 presented their 1st theme song released in Taiwan, 'Deja Vu', powerful song moved the heart of ten thousands fans. SS501 also performed their debut song from their 1st single 'Warning', and also their going to be released new album song 'Lalala song for you' (?? I don't know why they say this song is new??!!)

When SS501 performed 'Four Chance', they dance tango together with sexy lady dancer, causing the fans to shriek passionately. Follow by that was the 5 member solo, 'Hey G', 'Never Let You Go', 'Please, be good to me' and other songs.

Duing Park JungMin solo mandarin song 'Tian Mi Mi', it raised the concert atmosphere to a high. SS501 specially perform unrelease new songs 'Crazy 4U' and also performed 'Peas Princess' as a gift to fans,

This time, SS501 declared that they are 'turning into adult' with their new image. All of them have a new hairstyle, transforming from big boys to stylish men. Their charming and energetic image give everybody a surprised. They have changed many sets of costume during the concert, showing gorgeous and matured look, and fans said: "Very Man, very charming'.

Debut for 4 years, SS501 hold their Asia Tour Concert for the 1st time. They have spend NT10 million to make the stage at Taipei Arena, also prepared around 100 sets of costume. Around 50 staff have came to help with concert preparation. Many fans from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand took flight to attend SS501 Asia tour concert.

Credit: CNA News + TripleS.tw + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit.

Just a few surge of photos, I'm sure plenty more pics will be released in the following days. So I will be updating this post sometimes, adding fancams and pics.

Click on images to ENLARGE.

Credits: as tagged + Baidu Tieba

And of course, the highlight that I've been looking forward to... I actually wondered whether Leader will strip for his solo, because well... he lost a lot of weight. I thought his body wouldn't be up to par. But boy, was I wrong. His body is still hot!!! Look at those muscles. Way to go Leader!
Video Uploader: pucca0607@YouTube

Full version:
Video Uploader: 0myau0@YouTube

Jung Min sings Tian Mi Mi:
Video Uploader: MEKOHK922@YouTube

Members Self-Intro:
Video Uploader: poohhi@YouTube

DeJa Vu Performance:
Video Uploader: poohhi@YouTube

Kyu Jong Solo:
Video Uploader: SSlovechau@YouTube

Young Saeng Solo (Sea of Blue):
Triple S especially prepared blue light sticks to create a "sea of blue" as an advance birthday gift for Young Saengie. Blue, because it's his favorite color. According to some fans, when YS saw the sea of blue, he was overwhelmed. Then he smiled, and tears flowed from his eyes. Aww... I wish I was there to witness that. It's so touching.
Video Uploader: keitawings@YouTube

U R Man Performance:
Video Uploader: dsearch4et@YouTube

Because I'm Stupid (Hyun Joong Focus)
- For Young Saeng focus, click here.
Video Uploader: 0504Winnie@YouTube

Hyung Jun Solo:
Video Uploader: fiona111191@YouTube

Video Uploader: yong0410@YouTube


Karren168 said...

Guys, I saw this short news/clip on SS501 Persona concert in Taiwan on Destiny Cable chanel 72 & 73... (every now & then they show it again) ... it's really different watching it on TV than here on YouTube... it feels more "real"...wish I was there...SS501 & TripleS you rock!

phtriples said...

Ahh, I wish I could follow SS501 to every PERSONA concert! LOL.

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