[News] SS501 fan sign meeting cancelled. Fans angry.

SS501 is coming to Taiwan on 15 October, they will held their Taiwan Persona Concert at Taiwan Arena on the 17 October. However, the fan sign meeting which was originally scheduled was cancelled suddenly. Due to this, many fans who had purchased the photobook were angry and accused the organizer, Broker Brothers Herald (BBH) for cheating their money. BBH revealed, SS501 will return to Korea in the afternoon on the same day. Since their schedule could not meet, it had to be cancelled.

Previously when SS501 held their fan sign meeting at Malaysia, the management company had limit only one signature for each fan, causing displeased to fans who had purchased 10 over pieces of albums. When they released the 'Dream Tour in Hawaii Photobook', the publisher and organizing unit BBH leak information about SS501's fan sign meeting at Breeze Center, but in the end it was not fulfilled.

SS501 is not affected, they are releasing a new Mini Album 'Rebirth'. On the cover photo, Kim Hyun Joong and the other members put on dark smokey make-up, causing their fans almost couldn't recognized them. They describe them as 'full of evil aura'.

Credits: China Times + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
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I feel bad for those who spent money just to have something to bring during the fansigning. But well... things like this happen. At least there's still the PERSONA concert to look forward too! :)


Cris Alisasis said...

"Full of Evil Aura"...ok, that what a little uncalled for... I don't think they should be described as such... :(

I also feel sorry for those who already anticipated for the fan signing. I'm sure they will get another chance soon. SS501 loves Taiwan. ^-^

phtriples said...

yeah, it's too bad unexpected things like this happens... i feel bad for those who really sacrificed their hard earned money... if it were me, i would be angry too. But look on the brighter side guys! You get to drool over the photos of the boys from the photobook! :)

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