SS501 fulfilled their promise to hold their concert in Taiwan this year end. On 17 October, Saturday, they will hold their 'SS501 Asia Tour Persona 2009 Taipei Concert' at Taipei arena. Tickets are almost sold out! Because of this, SS501 do not dare to relax. Other than attending a few notice, they do not arrange for any other schedule, fully concentrate on practicing their dance. During the first night, they have practiced up till midnight then they felt rest assured. Warner Music Chinese Area CEO Chen ZeShan specially visited them at the dance practice room. He also brought the XiaoLongBao which member Jung Min's didn't forget since their last visit in Taiwan, other than that he also brought sushi, bubble tea and hong kong dim sum to cheer for them. Sweet mouth JungMin once seen the CEO, and the 'gifts' that he brought, gave him a big hug. Other members also mentioned that with such delicious food, no matter how tedious was the rehearsal also worthwhile!

At noon, the next day after their arrival, SS501 held their 'Latest album 'Rebirth' and Taipei Persona Concert Celebration' press conference at Sherwood Hotel Taipei. Debut in Taiwan this year, SS501 caused a stir. Up till today, Warner Music has released 5 albums in Taiwan, it has been widely supported by their Taiwan fans, the sales has exceeded 5 platinum album. In the celebration press conference, Warner Music Chinese Area CEO Chen ZeShan awarded SS501 with a hugh 5 platinum album. The extra large platinum album needed at least 3 person to carry, making SS501 members very happy.

For the Taipei Persona Concert, other than performing the same content as the Seoul Concert, they pre-announced the Chinese song which Park Jung Min will sing in the concert - 'Tian Mi Mi' (甜蜜蜜=Sweetness). Park Jung Min sung a small portion of the song in the press conference, his perfect pronunciation surprised all the medias. SS501 were tested to perform a tongue twister at the press conference to check their progress in learning mandarin. Park Jung Min who has a flare in language and also lead singer Heo Young Saeng performed the tongue twister and received loud applause. Other than that leader Kim Hyun Joong also did a small section upon request of the media and it had received many 'laughing' effects.

For this trip to Taiwan, SS501 also officially announced that their new Mini Album 'Rebirth /Love Like This' will be released on 30 October in Taiwan. Previously the album cover promotion photo was unveiled, thick smoky make-up showed their transformation in masculinity and maturity. It has received heated responses from netizen. Other than that, during the concert they will present the latest single, allowing Taiwan fans to be first to listen. Taiwan Warner in order to repay their fans, started from 17 Oct will start pre-order for their 'Rebirth album'.

SS501 will hold their Taipei concert on 17 October (Saturday) and schedule to return to Korea by Asiana Airline OZ712 at 14:35, 18 October.

Credits: Warner Music Taiwan + (English translation)

Please repost with full credit.

Here's a video clip from the conference courtesy of NOWnews... I love the tongue twister led by YS!
Watch the video with English Subs here.
Video uploader: WWloveHJ@YouTube

Here's another video courtesy of Liberty Times... read the translation below from Summer A.
Video uploader: yyy148@YouTube

Translation by Summer A

MC: Jung min to sing a chinese song?
JM: *nods* Yes yes yes.
MC: really?
JM: good good good. [i think he was trying to say some random chinese words ^^]
MC: can you do it?
JM: it's true!
MC:really? you can see that my expression is very surprised! you're going to sing a chinese song! so what chinese song are you going to prepare for the taiwanese fans?
JM: tian mi mi (literally means sweetness)
MC: tian mi mi?
JM: tian mi mi.
MC: at the mention of this, we must ask them to follow the customs of the country and show us some chinese skills! and let's start from jungmin who is full of confidence and filled with talent for languages. okay jungmin, you first.
JM: do you ng-ng everyday ( ng-ng is a discrete way asking if you have excreted - oh gosh, this is so embarrassing i dont really know how to translate it.)
MC: yes, i do. i do ng-ng everyday. haha! but you have to tell him that if you say this in taiwan, you will not be able to get a girlfriend. *speaking to translator*
JM: ohhhh!
MC: then how about hyun joong, what sort of chinese is going to show us?
HJL: bye. [he said bye in chinese ^^]
MC: you haven't sung and you want to say bye!
HJL: see you tomorrow.
MC: ah! yes yes, see you tomorrow! after you have sung tomorrow, then you say goodbye.
HJL: ah. okay.
MC: so it's "see you tomorrow" then "good bye" (in chinese when we say goodbye, it literally means see you again."
HJL: *repeats after MC*
MC: yehh. good, okay. we have prepared a tongue twister here.
YS: *performs tongue twister* (which was about being vegetarian on certain days of the chinese calendar ^^)
MC: wow! perfect!
JM: *sings the chinese song*
MC: wha, so sweet!

Five times Platinum sales for their albums in Taiwan! Wow! Amazing! I hope we could also make it happen here in the Philippines once their albums are out. :)


Karren168 said...

Hi Guys! I just wana share, a few minutes ago I saw a clip of this press conference on TVBS channel 73 on Destiny Cable here in Manila Philippines... I must say these men look way sooo much better on TV than on the pictures here & YouTube... the TV clip looks like it's on HD (high definition) so it's very good quality... seems like I'm watching them in front of me for real... now I really wonder how good-looking they are when I see them in person... HJL for me even looks healthy... all SS501 are really good-looking!!!... now I understand why their girl fans act like that when they see SS501...

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