10/30 [news] SS501 “Overseas Fans Support, Thank you”

Group SS501 smiled at the passionate support from overseas visiting fans.

About 100 SS501 fans from Japan, China, Taiwan, etc were here to follow all of SS501’s schedules for one week, expressing their love for them. SS501’s Kim HyungJoon said “Many fans from overseas were here to follow us on our various schedules. It has been over a week since we started our activities in Korea, but these overseas fans have not returned back home and are still around to support us. I am touched by their passionate support and love everyday.”

SS501 appeared in music program ‘Kim JungEun’s Chocolate’ recently at SBS Open Hall in DeungChon-dong, Seoul. There were about 300 overseas fans on this day’s recording.

Among SS501’s overseas fans, there were over 10 fans who stayed overnight 2 days prior to the recordings, at the broadcasting station in order to get the best seats for ‘Chocolate’ recording. About 100 fans weren’t able to get the tickets, so couldn’t get in for the recording, however they still waited at the venue till 11 am in order to catch a glimpse of SS501 going out.

SS501’s company representative said “Overseas fans came over to Korea to support SS501’s comeback activities. They stayed 1 week or more in Korea, and gave their support to SS501 for their broadcast activities. They also prepared health products in view of members’ health, and snacks like chocolates, cookies and sandwiches. We really appreciate their passion and love.”

SS501 has recently released an album and is promoting their title song ‘Love Like This’.

Credits : mymoon@sportshankook.co.kr+ SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Thanks xiaochu for translating this! It's good that they're aware that they have soooooo many overseas fans supporting them. And I hope that along with this awareness, they would also release DVD's with English subs for their International fans that don't know how to speak Chinese and Japanese. Wouldn't that be great guys?


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