Aaaaaaarrrrgggghhh!!!! Yesterday has been really frustrating. A lot of people from YouTube uploaded NEW SONGS from our boys!!!! It's so aggravating! There has been a warning issued already about this. Korea Music Charts are strict when it comes to song leakage, and if it's found out that SS501's songs are leaked, our boys will have a hard time! Oooohhh, I'm really shaking right now. This is really BADDD!!!

Now it's October 20, the album is officially released, most think that it's okay now to upload the songs in video streaming sites like YouTube and file hosting sites like Mediafire, but really IT'S NOT OKAY! Not only will this encourage PIRACY, but this will also affect album sales! There's a big tendency that people will not buy anymore, because they can download from YouTube and other download sites.

To the people who uploaded their FULL songs online: It all comes down to RESPECT, people. It’s such an underrated word, RESPECT, but I’m sure you guys want to be RESPECTED too right? PLEASE TAKE DOWN THE VIDEOS OF SS501's NEW SONGS FROM YOUTUBE! I really wish you’d respect other people’s hard work. You are ruining what the boys have worked hard for. Triple S fans are really hurt and angry about this. And I'm sure that if SS501 members knew about this, they would be devastated too. We would really appreciate it if you could respect the work of these artists who have been busting their butts out to release an album that their fans have been waiting for. In other music sites, like iTunes, they only provide 30 sec previews of songs to help people decide whether they’re going to buy the track or not, NOT THE WHOLE SONG! Uploading FULL versions of the songs not only degrade ss501 but also infringes their rights as an artist. I know of a certain person who is really STUBBORN and refuses to listen to countless comments. Not only did HE upload all songs in his YouTube account, he also created a site for free download of the songs. This is really frustrating! Well I guess if we can't stop these people, it all comes down to us Triple S.

To all Triple S fans: SS501 have worked hard for this comeback album, guys... please let's all support them and DO NOT DOWNLOAD their songs, and instead BUY their album!!!! Support the ORIGINAL! Don’t let these anti-fans succeed by merely being contented in listening to downloaded songs. Nothing beats the original! Buying the album will ensure that SS501 will continue to entertain us and make good music for us for a long time. So support SS501 by buying their new album! We are not crazed fans like most are saying, we are just dedicated fans who love SS501 and we’ll do everything in our power to protect these guys.

P.S. If you find certain websites or YouTube accounts that upload these songs and even offer download links, you can report them or flag them (if leaving comments don't work). Let's all do our part in protecting our dear SS501 boys.

I'm actually impressed with the UNITY of Triple S in times like this. I know for a fact that a lot of Triple S have been stalking YouTube accounts and other sites and leaving comments and defying those who uploaded the songs before the release. Thank you for all the effort guys. Just like Leader once said, "It's not just Triple S that protect us, we also protect our Triple S." I'm proud of all Triple S for exerting a lot of effort in protecting SS501, for taking a stand and never wavering. It makes me proud to be one. SS501 + Triple S Fighting!


Cris Alisasis said...

The moment I saw allkpop's article on SS501's "Rebirth" yesterday, I halted my work just to flag & leave comments on those YT links. And immediately went to TSPH's chatroom to tell everyone about it... Allkpop's article was still fresh that time. Everyone went crazy especially those at Quainte. Everyone was in rage.

This "leakage" thing is not really new to me. This also happens in some jrock bands i listen to. And I never really paid any attention to leaked songs on the internet... Most especially when I've already pre-ordered the CD. It takes out all the excitement the moment your receive your copy... The surprise in stored for you has already gone kaput. Excitement & surprises are priceless...

Until now, those leaked tracks still hasn't tempted me to go and break my own rules & listen to them... No... Never. So I am encouraging the rest to please do the same, until you get your own copy.. the one you paid for with your own money.

But one question still remains in my head... Who & how did the new songs got leaked? Where did it originate? *insert twilight zone theme song here*

Anonymous said...

Yes, the TRIPLE S protected SS501 very much. I'm so proud of the unity!!! Now let's give our boys lots of loving!

Anonymous said...

It was a bad day yesterday! I've been Flag videos, put harsh comments, send emails to uploader, reported their site to google, etc. just to delete the videos & banned the site. Hated ALLKPOP now and made a promise that I will never visit that site again. Stupid writers, they're all biased to the boys, even tolerating the leakage. Yeah, it makes me think since they're promoting SHINEE for the new album, they will make SS501 down so that their album sales will overstand the boys. How much do they think they're worth? Maybe I could pay them! Grrr!!

phtriples said...

LOL @ Cris: The theme of twilight might be appropriate. haha! we don't know for sure who leaked the songs, but i hope karma gets them. i just feel bad for the boys because they've worked hard for this. they don't deserve to be treated this way by antifans! but Triple S still stand strong behind SS501!

@gateway2adventure: relax... calm down... we've done our part. let's focus our energy more on supporting the boys now. let's just pray for the album success. and excitedly wait for our album! hehe!

Anonymous said...

yeah,but i'm a triples from indonesia and i couldn't get their albums here.and i wanna hear their if i can't support them with buy their albums i'll support them with another way. :)))))

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