Since their 3rd single DÉJÀ VU released in March 2008, SS501’s mini album ‘REBIRTH’ special edition package was released after 1 year 7 months.

Special Edition comprises of : 2-type poster, photo + diary (100 pages), CD

In the past 1 year 7 months, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Joon released SS501 special album, Kim Hyun Joong acted as JiHoo sunbae in KBS drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, Park Jung Min acted as Danny in musical ‘Grease’…SS501 Asia Tour Concert.. They had many activities.

SS501 prepared this album in the midst of preparing for their Asia Tour Concert. Because this album is one that was done after a long time, they have great expectation towards their music, they worked hard as they want to produce a near-perfect album for their fans who have waited for them for such a long time. This album is made even more wonderful with the participation of many famous foreign composers.

Title song ‘LOVE LIKE THIS’ is a song that was initially revealed through their Asia Tour Concert, it received very good response during the concert when it was performed. Composed by Steven Lee, Drew Ryan Scott, Sean Alexander, they tried a new change to this up-tempo synth pop, an impressive song with cute repetitive melody. For an explosive and sharp song arrangement, 6 times Grammy award winner, music engineer Ken Lewis, who arranged songs for America’s top singers like Usher, Kanye West, John Legend, etc, participated in this album, making the quality of the songs to a higher level. In addition, ‘LOVE LIKE THIS’ had received hold requests (buying) from places such as USA and Europe, however when SS501 went to USA for Hollywood Bowl and met with music producer Steven Lee and he gave this song especially for SS501. Vocal production arrangement is done by DREW RYAN SCOTT from VARSITY FANCLUB, where unique harmony can be heard.

SS501 advances into another level with their vocal and music through this album. SS501 will present themselves with an even more matured and perfect image to their fans once again.

CD 1
05. GREEN PEAS완 . 두 . 콩 .

Credits : yes24 + + (English Translation) xiaochu @
Repost with full credits only.

Finally, we have the track listing for the REBIRTH album! Some are Korean titles, although I think we will know the English titles soon. I'm really super excited to hear these songs! Imagine, they have these great names of foreign composers collaborating with them in this album. I'm personally intrigued by the song WASTELAND. Should be great. And good news! YESASIA is now accepting preorders for US$29.99! Order now before supplies last!


Anonymous said...

just 5 song?? or there are more songs??
can't wait..can't wait.. can't wait to hear there new sound as a men..hihihihi...


phtriples said...

hi jauven! unfortunately, yeah... the album contains only 5 songs... but they are sure to be great!!! I've already preordered my copy, you should order too, before supplies are gone! :) let's support SS501 all the way!

Cris Alisasis said...

pre-ordered my copy too! weepeeee!!! i am wiggling my hips here in excitement LOL! ^-^

wow @ synth pop... it's getting me much more excited. ^-^

sha filan said...

hi there...
just read from lizle blog...maybe u all can consider b4 buying it....

phtriples said...

hi sha! yes, i've read it... but i've already preordered one from yesasia... i really can't understand these korean sites! haha! but for those who understand, maybe you could look into buying one from the list of sites in liezle's blog so your purchases will be counted! :)

Anonymous said...

pre-ordered my copy too! can't wait!

crazynoona said...

need help from overseas fan to support our boys!!

go here to learn how to order from korean websites in order to make them go up the sales chart

please help our boys to make their comeback a success.

hope you could help to advertise it!

xevex said...

hmm.. i've pre-ordered from yesasia but it seem cheaper to get from kyobo - KRW20,800 (~USD17.75).

any idea how much is the shipping charges and delivery time for international shipment?

phtriples said...

I really have no idea xevex, I'm not familiar with the shipment fees, and I've never tried shopping in kyobo. I feel bad about my purchase not being counted (i preordered from yesasia) in the music charts, but what else can i do, it's already done :( i'm sorry if i can't be of help to you.

xevex said...

i wish my purchase will count toward the chart but it's bad that i cant read korean & no english version of kyobo website. not even sure if the album comes with diary and posters or not:p

anyway i supposed the preordered album can still be cancelled from yesasia before the actual album release date ^^hee..

phtriples said...

According to YesAsia,
"Korean music products at are sourced from distributors in Korea, and are reflected on the music sales charts reported by the Music Industry Association of Korea."

So no worries! :)

xevex said...

ahh that's great news! thanks for the clarification. now i can peacefully await the arrival of my order :)

darlingdan said...

how much will be the overall cost when you order from yesasia? the free shipment is only valid if the order is >39.99USD, right? in case i'll order, it'll be my first time to do so. im just making sure i understand the terms clearly. hehe

xevex said...

For free shipping:

To be eligible for free shipping:

1) Total bill must be US$39/- or more
2) Shipment by standard service only

If not eligible, pls check shipping & handling fees under Shipping Options to My Destination @

1)No. of shipments x Per shipment charge

2)No. of shipment units x Per unit charge

3)Preference of delivery service

Item: SS501 Mini Album - Rebirth (Special Edition) (Limited Edition)
Qty: 1
Shipment units: 4 (1cd, 1diary, 2posters)
Unit price: US$29.99
Shipping & Handling Fee*: (1) + (2) + (3)

Example, single shipment to China, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea or Thailand:
Standard service@ 29.99 + 12.95* = US$42.94
Express service@ 29.99 + 20.95* = US$50.94

Hope u understand my explanation :)

crazynoona said...

there are many music charts in korea and t he most impt chart is the hanteo chart which unforunately is not accounted for by yesasia.

hanteo chart is the chart that music shows use... :(

darlingdan said...

thanks for the explanation, xevex. :)

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