Saw these pics of Triple S Taiwan preparing for the SS501 Persona Concert. October 17. Just a few more days to go! I'm officially jealous. Hehehe. These guys are so lucky, they'll get to see our boys REAL SOON! In the pics below, looks like they're practicing chants for the concert. LOL. Practice well... plan well... give the boys our LOVE!

Credit:, TripleS.TW


Anonymous said...

from the white screen, you can see that taiwanese fans are preparing chants for the boys which reads "DOUBLE S..(boy's name).."

and its funny how they translate double s into chinese..which is "dou = bean" "ble=no" "s= tired history"

its hilarious. haha

phtriples said...

hahaha! that translation's hilarious... they're very lucky to have the boys in a few days... :)

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