I feel sad because I wasn't able to go to the TSPH meetup since I live so far away. But nevertheless, when I read what Ems wrote, this news definitely made my day! Triple S Philippines, read her wonderful news below...


I just got back from Triple S Philippine gathering and all I can say is ... what a gathering!!! Everyone had a blast!!! We celebrated our 2nd Year Anniversary and Young Saeng's Birthday... and we get to hear the GREATEST NEWS that we've been wanting to hear for months!!!

All this time, we've been dreaming that DSP would someday notice us... that they'd learn that SS501 also has a big following in the Philippines. We've been praying for a fan meet...or anything that would allow us to see the boys in flesh... then came the release of 5 SS501 CDs in the Philippines, which by the way have been sold out (SUPERHITS) in less than 2 weeks!!! For 2 straight Sundays now, (and just few hours ago), our forum has been receiving visitors who claimed to be from DSP, checking the fanbase in the Philippines, thanking us for supporting the boys, asking for possible venues in the Philippines and informing us that there are ongoing talks between their company and the Philippines... BUT..who would have thought that on our 2nd YEAR ANNIVERSARY... we would be gifted with a possible PERSONA MANILA news ... straight from the mouth of the People who would bring them in the Philippines!!!


No exact date was given, venue was not disclosed... BUT STILL... we're almost there!!!

So Triple S Philippines, we can do it!!!

Let's bring SS501 to the Philippines!!!

And as we wait for the final info... LET'S MAKE OUR BOYS #1 in the Philippine Hit Chart!!!

Keep on voting for LALALA in MYX!!! Let's keep on requesting for their songs!!!


How to vote in MYX: Click Here
Answer SS501 Survey: Click Here

Credits: Zai_Ems@soompi + triplesph.com

Video credit: princeryoma2007@YouTube


Cris Alisasis said...

*blink blink blink* did i read that right??????


*runs around in circles*

*jumps around the room*

*kneels & prays*

Anonymous said...

hope they really come here
SS501 Fighting!!!

Mikai said...

Wow ^_^ It's saving time. I think it would be in the Big Dome ^_^

Anonymous said...

sna m2uloy and sna sa ARANETA cla mag concert pra mlpit lng smin. .

cant wait!!!

phtriples said...

let's pray na matuloy guys!!! i'm so excited!!!

Marge said...

i would be happy with a mall tour, and if that's successful then they'd come back for a bigger venue ^_^

Anonymous said...

wooow!!this is a really big news to all tsph!!!but sadness im not here when there will be a persona or a fan meeting with ss501!arrrrgh!!

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