Our Prince Young Saeng's birthday is drawing near! Tomorrow, November 3, he will be turning 24 (Korean age). In Korea, when a baby is born, he's automatically 1 year old. But to the rest of the world, Saengie is turning 23! I'm so excited for Otter! They gave him an early celebration during the “REBIRTH” Fan Commemorative Stamp Event. Check out the pics. They look so cute with birthday hats on. And look at Leader... need I say more? LOL.


I hope someone will sub these fancams in English... for the meantime, here's a brief translation of Leader's message:
Leader : Yes, I have only good words for Young Saeng.
You know, our relationship. heehee
uh... umm... Young Saeng...haha... Why?
Young Saeng, I can't say to you as i did to other members though it's been 7 years since we met.
but, you are my friend whom i met most often.
Thank you for listening to my troubles.
I hope you live long like your name, Young Saeng.
(young saeng means to live long in korean.)
Yes, next, Kyu Jong.
Translated by: Ji Yeon

Members give their birthday messages...
Video Uploader: shirbogurl@YouTube

Full video clip...
Video Uploader: shirbogurl@YouTube

Young Saeng birthday speech...
Video Uploader: eijisatoshi@YouTube

Credits: as tagged on pics

More pics coming up!


~~xinni~~ said...

lol....leader looks like an ET

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Young Saeng Oppa

Geca said...

hahaha the hyunsaeng awkward moments are super cute! kinilig naman ako! hahahaha

jovelyn said...

Happy Birthday Saengie! Leader is so adorable. He's just so cute in his own special ways. He's the only one who's wearing the hat like that.

Cris Alisasis said...

Leader is setting a trend in wearing party hats. He sure is STYLISH! LOL!!! XD

Happy Birthday, Young Saeng!!! :D

I want your coat... >.<

phtriples said...

Leader is sooo 4D, and Jung Min is riding on Leader's 4dness by adding the other hat. hahaha. crazy couple. but love the hyunsaeng moment! ^_^

Anonymous said...

i love young seang oppa

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