Have you ordered your Five Men's Five Years DVD yet? Well, if you haven't, what are you waiting for? It really is a collector's item! I'm telling you, if you're a fully-pledged, passionate Triple S fan, you just can't pass up the opportunity to buy the DVD, and it's English subbed! So English speaking fans can enjoy it as well! If, like me, you're just waiting for your DVD's to arrive, let's look at some sneak peaks on what's in store for us inside the package. Here are Young Saeng and Kyu Jong snorkeling pics. If you don't have any plans of ordering, I hope these pictures (and more to come!) will change your mind. ^_^ Okay, I had to ENLARGE the first pic... and I don't think I need to explain why. LOL.

Credit: Hana@Taiwan + as tagged


Anonymous said...

Young Saeng OPPA you're so cute and hot all at the same time
LOVE SS501!!!

Anonymous said...

omg man.
i think after watching everything in the 5 years 5 men's dvd i will die.
maybe just the beginning part, my life has shorten by half.
by just looking at the pictures above.
i have no idea what will happen to me if i see them live.
i'm already failing exams because of over addicted to them.

SS501. addictive.

elen122207 said...

wahhhh!!!!! My prince is soooooo hot.....omg... thanks for enlarge it kate....i really love it.. fighting saengie..aja aja..

phtriples said...

seeing that first pic, i was about to hyperventilate. haha! first time i've seen saengie nearly naked. haha! i can't wait for my DVD! ^_^ ey, don't fail you exams! be inspired! :)

Cris Alisasis said...

they could've just snorkeled their way to the Philippine Islands... ahihihi! ^_______^

LyN said...

OMG! i think im going to faint!!..first time seeing saengi looking like that too!! can't wait to have the DVD!!..its worth buying..^_^

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