Finally! I've been waiting for this since Nov. 1! Full version of Young Saeng's 24th Early Birthday Celebration at the Stamp Event together with Triple S, subbed in English! Thanks to shirbogurl21 and Ji Yeon for subbing and sharing!

Video Uploader: shirbogurl@YouTube

Baby hugs the birthday boy... so sweet!

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Cris Alisasis said...

"let's grow old together" --> awwww.... *melts*

phtriples said...

there are just soooo sweet!!! love them to bits!

AnneKagami said...

Isn't Young Saeng 23?
Is that is real age?

phtriples said...

to the rest of the world, he's 23. But his Korean age is 24, because in Korea, the day you're born, you're already considered 1 year old. :)

Anonymous said...

But his going to be 25 years old(korean age) when this year ends:( and leader too
his just going to be 24 yrs. old for only 2 months

Korea is making our Boys old
SS501 forever!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm one year older than young saengie..:).. gwieyoun namja hwaiting.. saranghae! :)

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