Young Saeng Hyung Happy Birthday oh!! ^0^ 2009-11-03 12:59:31

I really fulfilled my promise....!
Cough, supposed to post this at 12am but my computer was having problem... TT TT
It kept not listening to me..... so I borrow my sister's computer to write with much difficulties..!
This.... Why our official website must have so many settings ah..!!
Dislike Dislike.

Happy Birthday~~Happy Birthday~
Dearest Young Saeng Hyung!! Happy Birthday!~~ Huwuwuwu ^0^
Now that I know the password, I will continue to run here until I forget again!!
wuli Triple S!! I always felt thankful~~
Now is just the start~~~!! In future please do support us oh~~!!

Yesterday is my stylist, Yuli Noona's Birthday....
Also increased age together... back also bend until rounded...
Feel heart pain... TT TT

Ah... it run to some weird place again...
Oh yah... During midnight please do not send message and make phone call...
If such things really happen I will request leader to hit your forehead 100 times...!
Leader can really hit very hard...

Ending must be more beautiful ...!
Everybody must stay healthy, I will always come here to play.
I am looking, do well oh....

Anyong... (Korean for good bye)

再见... (Chinese for good bye)

Matta ne~~! (Japanese for see you again)

See you next time~!! (English)

Awww... that's sweet of Mal to leave a birthday message for his hyung! Oh, and there are other messages from Jung Minnie from the TOK Message Board too... these are actually answers to various questions of fans...

Wrote 2 year and 7 months….. Thus wrote… (Jung Min)

Grease, why not .. whoo ㅉ ㅉ I missed a good show (Jung Min)

Happy birthday to Young Saeng … Our man Young Saeng!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ(Jung Min)

Already 2 years and seven months… wow wow (Jung Min)

Come sleep … Now you too sleepy ~~^0^ (Jung Min)

Wow… you’re Filipino..^^ Thank… (Jung Min) (phtriples: YEY!!! A Filipino fan! Guess Mal knows about the Philippines)

You need to be a beauty… hahaha (Jung Min)

why not using polite word ㅂda …. ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ (Jung Min)

As long as the computer is not having problem I can write ~ ~ ~ need you to wait for an hour I am so sorry (Jung Min)

what ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! (Jung Min)

O… right… but my sister’s computer only can only type English… even can… don’t know how to use so forget it …ㅋㅋ(Jung Min)

Right!! happy birthday to our hyung 재용… he is in our dancer group ^^ (Jung Min)

my head 100 times completely… 뚫려요…ㅋㅋ

Oops … the virus 깔리는거야? Who am I? ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ (Jung Min)

I am not acting in Grease now ~~~I can not make this one ding! (Jung Min)

You’re seeing ~ matta neneun is Japanese ! … y’all… Ar? (Jung Min)

Anyway you are getting too exciting … I should get to work tomorrow, I have to sleep (Jung Min)

These are all good dreams, we are picturing a group manager … (doyaji dream. ㅋ, ㅋ)(Jung Min)

Good night~~~~~~~~~~~^ 0 ^ Bye (Jung Min)

Credits: SS601+ DSP website + (English Translation) ss501fighting


Cris Alisasis said...

funny but cute birthday message. ^_^

Anonymous said...

His surprise that SS501 have fans in the Philippines

phtriples said...

yeah... but at least he's aware of our country already. haha.

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